Namibia - New Trends in Farm Hunting

A Modern Type of Hunt from Africa

There can be no doubt that South Africa has led the way in the creation of so-called “farm hunts”. Hunters stay on a farm offering all modern conveniences, situated in a  midst of a district offering the opportunity of some fantastic hunting.  This type of hunt can be the perfect solution if, for example, you are travelling with your family or you a hunting with a group of friends. There is plenty of room for both challenging hunting and for the more social aspects of your tour, all in a wonderful setting and at a price level that most people can afford.

Popular Concept

In fact the concept of  ”farm hunting” has proved so popular that other countries are trying to follow South Africa’s. Today you can find hunting farms in detonations such as New Zealand, Argentina and the southern states of the USA. Here you will find different game species but otherwise everything runs along the same lines as the South African model. Argentina has, to some extent, enjoyed some success with their farm hunts, but elsewhere they have received a more lukewarm reception from consumers. South Africa remains in a class of its own when it come to farm hunting! However….One country has managed to create farm hunts that are at least as attractive as those in South Africa. Namely Namibia.

Fantastic Namibia

With its geographical location to the north west of South Africa, Namibia not only has many of the same elements as South Africa, but can also offer a number of other advantages. The most important of these is the country’s low population density. Even though Namibia is nearly half the size of South Africa in area, the country only has a population of around 2.5 million people, while South Africa is home to around 56 million people. You can feel this as soon as you land in t Windhoek, the country’s capital city. With only 265,000 inhabitants the city is the same size of an average provincial African town, the the atmosphere here reflects this. People are helpful, smile easily, and you can move freely and without problem in and around the airport. The same can be said for the rest of the country. In a sparsely populated country such as Namibia you don’t need to move far out of town before the bush starts. Reflecting its past as a former German colony, Namibia’s farms were originally laid out in mathematical patterns around the larger towns, all linked by modest, but well functioning infrastructure. While the farms have undergone some changes since then, both in size and number, it is still amazing easily to drive out to them.

Omujeve Safaris

A good example is Omujeve Safaris, whose farm is only a 45 minute car drive from Windhoek airport! In comparison there are farms in South Africa where you can expect a  4-5 hour drive from the airport. Omujeve Safaris offer farm hunts that are in every respect identical to those you will find in South Africa. You stay on the far, in incredibly luxurious surroundings and hunt in the surrounding district. Here you can hunt for both classic Namibian  species such as Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, Red Hartebeest and not least Oryx, as well as all the other species you might know from South African farm hunts, for exame, Kudu, Impala, Eland, Waterbuck, Duiker etc.
Omujeve also has a district in the Kalahari, a little further to the south, called Schonbrunn. With access to two districts in two different habitats, Omujeve Safaris can not only offer a very wide range of species, but also at prices that are not only the same as in South Africa, but in many cases cheaper. So if you are looking for real ”value for money”, Namibia is still a country that offers considerably more wild habitats than cultivated farmland, which can clearly be both seen and felt.

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