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Hunting in France

Hunting has been an important part of French history and culture for many thousand years, cave paintings showing hunting scenes found in France can be dated to far back into prehistoric times. Hunting was the most important leisure activity for the French kings and aristocracy, many of whom built grandiose hunting lodges in their country estates. French literature and culture also has a rich store of hunting stories and legends.

Today there are 1,350,000 registered hunters in France, who mainly enjoy rough shooting and wild boar hunts. In 2007 the country set a quota of 600,000 roe deer, 13,500 alpine chamois, 3,100 Pyrenean chamois. 3,200 mouflon and 500,000 wild boar. The quota in general is increasing for the different species, largely due to improving game habitats, and the selective shooting policies.

Even though France is one of the world’s most important tourist destinations, practically no hunting has been available to visiting foreign hunters. We are therefore very happy to now be able to offer hunting at a number of different locations in this beautiful country, which also can offer a wealth of other attractions to visitors, which makes it an ideal destination to bring the rest of the family to. Here it is possible to combine high quality hunting with French culture, cuisine, wine and the country’s wonderful countryside.

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