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Hunting Tours - What You Need to Know

Why Travel Abroad to Hunt?

A hunting tour is often a journey with many ups and downs before it hopefully draws to a close when you shoot the game animal you wanted.  Therefore every single hunting tour is a unique experience you will remember for a lifetime. Many hunters feel that hunting abroad can be a very costly affair. Of course, in some cases this may be true, but if you were to hunt for an average of 10 days per season in Poland, the cost of the hunting is comparable with the cost of joining a roe deer hunting syndicate in the UK, and with a much higher chance of success. All in all, hunting abroad need not be much more expensive than hunting at home. If you choose to hunt in more exotic destinations, the price is naturally higher but then again, the experience is also much intense.

What Makes a Good Hunting Tour?

A good hunting tour is one you can think back on with a smile on your lips. Regardless on wether a hunt takes place at home or abroad, there is just about never any guarantee for a successful outcome to your hunt. In some places the chances are of course higher that at others, but in the end the skills of the individual hunter and some level of luck are both needed to achieve success. This is part of hunting’s very DNA, one of the main reasons we do it, and why we can celebrate when we achieved success. To really enjoy a good hunting tour you first need to manage your expectations to reasonable levels before departure, so that you don’t arrive at your destination expecting far too much. Otherwise your tour will nearly always be a disappointment, wether your hunt is successful or not.      

To Hunt Alone or in Company?

Hunting alone or hunting in the company of a friend or member of your family, both have their own pros and cons. Hunting tours are always a big experience, and it is good to share such big experiences with others. For many the social aspect of a hunting tour is a vital part of the experience, and such hunters should of course never hunt alone. If you do choose to hunt alone, you can enjoy the clear advantage of having your guides undivided attention, his sole task being to ensure you enjoy a sucessful hunt. If you hunt in the company of another hunter, you share the same guide, and thus his attention and effort. 

A Roebuck Hunt in Poland, Wild Boar Hunt in Romania or a Kudu Hunt in South Africa?

Which type of hunt you choose is very much a question of your own preferences and who much you can afford to spend. Roebuck hunting in Poland gives great “value for money” hunting, with short travelling times, a high success rate and many trophies, while, for example, a mountain hunt involves a lot of travelling, a medium rate of success, and as a rule “only” a single trophy. On the other hand it offers spectacular surroundings, a great challenge, and memories that will last a lifetime. Antelope hunts in Africa can be said to offer the best of both worlds, with many hours spent hunting, plenty of trophies, in the spectacular Africa bush with its many cultural attractions.       

What Should I remember on a Hunting Tour?

Every hunting tour should start with a trip to your doctor, to check that you are in good health. At the same time you can get any vaccinations that may necessary for the destination where you plan to hunt. When that has been done you need to ensure you are covered by adequate travel insurance. Today many insurance policies also include travel insurance, but will this insurance cover an expensive outing rifle? -Or lost hunting days? Investigate precisely what your insurance will cover, and if you are not satisfied, your travel agency can help to tailor a travel insurance policy that will cover precisely the needs of the hunting tour you will take part in.      

Why use a Scandinavian Travel Agency?

A good hunting tour is always dependant on that all the paperwork and planning is in good order, and that the hunter and outfitter have discussed what can be realisticly be expected from the tour. A hunting travel agency is the broker whose many years of experience can help the hunter to find the outfitter who can best provide the hunters unique requirements. Additionally a professional Scandinavian travel agency will be a member of a Travel Guarantee Fund, which secures the hunter against economic losses in the the case of the outfitter should against all expectations go out of business, or for some other reason be unable to deliver the hunt you had booked. .

Why Travel with Diana Hunting Tours?

The Price

As a guarantee you won’t find our hunts cheaper anywhere else, we will match any price you can find online for a hunt with the same outfitter, as long as the content of the hunt is the same.

Tour Planning

We offer a full tour planning service. This includes tasks such as booking flights, arranging weapons transport and import of trophies. Furthermore, we take care of the communications with the outfitter, making sure all your expectations are fulfilled. 


You are covered by Danish consumer legislation. We are members of the Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operaters, The Travel Guarantee Fund and Travel Industry Board of Appeal. This means that you have real back-up if you need to make a claim.

The Best Outfitters

During all the years we have been active in the hunting business we have met many different outfitters. We only use the very best, those offering the best service and hunting districts. 

Tour Operator since 1974

We give you expert advice about your hunt drawn from many years of experience.

Emergency Telephone

You can always phone us to get help through our 24 hour hotline when on a hunting tour with us. 

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Who is Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours?

Limpopo Travel & Diana Hunting Tours – which today are one and the same company - are built on more than four decades of experience in the hunting travel industry. Diana Hunting Tours was founded in the city of Svendborg in Denmark back in 1974 by the internationally known figure in the hunting tour industry, Jan Krossteig, who today remains shareholder and chairman of the concern.

Today Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours are the world’s largest hunting travel agency, arranging hunting tours to 39 different countries and clients from around the globe. The company's head quarters is in Svendborg, together with offices in Ringsted, Ulstrup and Lund (Sweden). In total we have more than 20 members of staff, who together can draw on more than 200 years of experience in the hunting travel industry – several of our employees have three decades of experience in the hunting travel industry on their CV’s!

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