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Who is Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours?

Limpopo Travel & Diana Hunting Tours – which today are one and the same company - are built on more than four decades of experience in the hunting travel industry. Diana Hunting Tours was founded in the city of Svendborg back in 1974 by the internationally known figure in the hunting tour industry, Jan Krossteig, who today remains the majority shareholder and chairman of the concern.

Today Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours are the world’s largest hunting travel agency, arranging hunting tours to 39 different countries and clients from around the globe. The company it’s head quarters in Svendborg, together with offices in Ringsted, Ulstrup, Lund (Sweden) and Vienna (Austria). In total we have more than 20 members of staff, who together can draw on more than 200 years of experience in the hunting travel industry – several of our employees have three decades of experience in the hunting travel industry on their CV’s!

On our website you will find a wealth of information, inspiration and great deals on hunting trips all around the world. We hope that visiting this site will also inspire you to book a hunting tour with us.


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