Hunting is Scotland is extreemly addictive


  • Physically challenging hunting
  • Hear the Scottish Stag Roar
  • Scottish Hospitality
  • Strong Hunting Traditions

Hunting i Scotland

The classic highland hunts of Scotland are both breathlessly exciting and physically challenging hunting in magnificent surroundings. But Scotland is much more than this! Once you have experience warm scottish hospitality, the Scot’s dry sense of humour, and the atmosphere of a local pub, it is certain that you will long to return to this beautiful country- time and again.

Have you ever shot a roaring stag, while surrounded by a watchful harem of hinds, on the top of a heather clad slope, in the midst of a hectic rutting season? If you already have, we can guarantee that we have the very best district for you to repeat this unique experience - you just need to give us a call and ask. If you have not , they you are missing  a vital part of your “hunting education”, and you really do owe it to yourself to do something about it - and we would be more than happy to help you arrange your “lessons”.

Hunting red stags in the Scottish is highlands is one of the absolute classic European hunts. As a rule two hunts will hunt with one stalker  - as the local hunting guides are called, who knows the district like the back of his own hand. The hunters will take turns at having a shot, both sharing each others hunting experience. Occasionally the hunting personnel will include a so-called ponyman, who will take the shot stags off the hill on horseback. Hunters should be aware that this is not a trophy hunt, such as those you might know from eastern Europe. You are simply taking part in the districts selective culling of animal.... "Are you game for a stalk in the highlands and a wee dram, laddie?"


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