Wing Shooting in Europe

Travelling abroad with a shot gun has become more and more popular over recent years , and the possibilities available are constantly developing. Naturally you can choose to travel long distances, to enjoy, for example, the dove shoots in Argentina or South Africa, but generally it must be said the Europe is the real epicenter for wing shooting. No matter whether your goal is wild ducks, high flying pheasants, exclusive grouse moors, or challenging pigeons, Europe can deliver the goods, and at the same time offer reasonable prices and short transport times. 

England is a fantastic destinations for pigeon shoots

If you enjoy shooting wood pigeons, then England is very difficult to beat. No other destination will probably offer you a better chance of achieving a so-called  ”Red Letter Day”, which refers to a day when a single hunter bags over 100 pigeons. ”High Volume” pigeon shoots in England have always been a great attraction, but with populations of woodpigeons having increased dramatically over the last 20 years, in most districts the shooting has never been better than it is now. Whether you would prefer to stay on a grand estate or in the local pub is up to your individual preferences, both are possible, and in any case, prices are at a level that is affordable by most. Naturally it is also possible to arrange pheasant beating on an English country estate, but the price will be quite different. Nevertheless, a traditional pheasant shoot on a grand country estate will be the experience for life.

France has a long tradition of rough shooting

Until recently France was totally overlooked as a hunting destination, but recently it has, much deservedly, become a very popular destination for rifle hunters as it can offer good, well organised hunting, while the weather and cuisine here rarely disappoint. On top of this the cost of hunting here is very competitive, and hunters find it easy to combine hunting with a family holiday,  as many of the hunting districts lie either in, or very close to, some of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. 

The French are also very proud of their traditions when it comes to wing shooting. You just need to look at the number of European birddog breeds originate in France: the Breton, Epagneul Francais, Braque Francais, Braque Bourbonnais etc., not to mention the poodle, which here at home is best known as a house dog, but in its homeland is often encountered as a hard working retriever, both on land and in the water.

It is typically the estates that arrange wing shooting in France, and many primarily focus on pheasant beats. However it is possible to shoot pheasant, partrige, woodcock etc. on walk-up hunts in the wonderful French countrysidem between field of sunflowers ans vineyards.

Scotland - a paradise for shotgun hunters

Scotland is simply a country you MUST visits you are a passionate shotgun hunter. Grouse shooting here is TOTALLY in a class of its own. Admittedly it is also rather expensive, at least when it come to organised beats. However there are many places in Scotland you can shoot grouse with standing dogs over heather clad moorland, and here prices are suddenly much more affordable. On the other hand this type of hunting sets much greater physical demands, as conditions in the Scottish Highlands can at times be rather brutal. Scotland can also has some of the best woodcock and snipe hunting that Europe can offer.

Hungary offers really diverse birdlife

Many wing shooters don’t give Hungary a single thought as a possible destination, and this is a great mistake! Hungary is possible the country in Europe that offers the most varied wing shoot of all. It is best known for its amazingly well organised shoots for pheasants and ducks on the estates here, but Hungary also offers challenging shooting for wild birds. Along the River Danube you can hunt wild ducks , while out in the fields you can enjoy High-Volume pigeon shooting. On top of this  comes woodcock, snipe, quail, partrige and geese. In other words Hungary can offer everything a wing shooter’s heart might desire!


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