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Hunting in Mauritius

Amongst sportsmen the island is perhaps best known for the excellent big-game fishing between November and May. Do you still have a secret boyhood dream of one day fighting 1,000lbs of pure muscle, whipping up a maelstrom of foam at the end of your fishing line? If so Mauritius is where you can make your dreams can come, while your better half sits back and enjoys a mojito under the palm trees in the wellness centre of a luxury lodge! Marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dorado and many kinds of shark can be caught around the island.

Mauritius also offers hunting for world class rusa stags. We have access to the best district, where the stags are huge and where only stags of gold medal winning class are shot. An unusual trophy for your collection - and one of an impressive size to boot. The same outfitter can also arrange hunting for the island’s variety of wild boar - “brown pigs” - together with wing-shooting for pheasant and partridge.

There are plenty of different challenges - you could try to catch a sailfish, shoot a rusa stag and bag a brace of pheasants within 24hrs - a so-called McMoris - the ultimate tropical version of the classic McNab! If you grow tired of hunting and fishing there are endless other ways to enjoy this tropical paradise: golf, scuba diving (on one of the worlds biggest coral reefs) trekking and all kinds of other sports. You COULD also just choose to relax and enjoy the island’s  excellent cuisine.

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