Antelope Hunts

Hunting for Antelopes: the World’s Most Beautiful Game Species

It must be said that antelopes are very beautiful animals, and when this is combined with intense, exciting hunting, they are close to the prefect quarry for hunters. This is something our antelope hunting customers know very well. When it comes to which nationalities visit South Africa’s hunting farms most each year to enjoy the antelope hunting, only the number of American hunters surpasses the total from our home country of Denmark. Through thorough, careful management of its game populations and hunting districts. South Africa has managed to establish many game farms with large, and very varied populations of game species,  especially of antelopes.

Sustainable Antelope Hunting – For the Sake of the Animals

As recently as the 1960’s, things where very different. At that time native game animals were locally regarded as a threat to the country’s growing farming industry, especially to grazing of the introduced cattle and goats, and were not at all welcome. Many of the native species therefore went into a sharp decline. However these developments were reversed by the beginnings of hunting tourism, a sector that grew quickly, and gave an economic incentive to conserve the native games animals. In the 1950’s the total number of all game animals in South Africa had dropped to around only 1 million animals, while today the total is estimated to be around 30 million. This drastic, very agreeable growth in numbers has been primarily generated and financed the the country’s hunting tourism industry, which is largely based on antelope hunting.

Many Huntable Game Species

Species such as  kudu, impala, nyala, eland, oryx, springbok and wildebeest are by far the most popular quarry amongst hunters when out antelope hunting, but the list of the available game is long. Several hunting farms in South Africa can today offer antelope hunting for around 20 huntable species, all with sustainable populations, some farms offering even more than that. When antelope hunting in South Africa or Namibia, all tours typically follow a similar format. You will stay on a farm or in a lodge, where you will sleep, eat and start your antelope hunting.

Design Your Own Hunt

Amongst our range of anrelope hunting tours you can find farms of all standards, right from the most luxurious imaginable, to more simple establishments, which still provide accommodation that far exceeds just about anything you will find when hunting anywhere else in the world. Having a hunting farm as your ”base” during your hunt, makes it easy to go antelope hunting with both family and friends. After breakfast you will set off antelope hunting and spend all morning with your PH and at least one tracker. To watch a local tracker find and follow a nearly invisible track is awe inspiring! Around midday you will eat lunch, then enjoy a siesta while the day is at its hottest, either back at the farm or out in the bush. Then later in the afternoon you will set off antelope hunting again. On an antelope hunt you can almost be certain of achieving a good result. While it is not physically demanding, the fitter you are the more chances of a shot you can expect to get in a position to take. Although your marksmanship skills will be tested when antelope hunting, the demands are not as great as you might believe, in fact they are very similar  to those you will meet on a roebuck hunt in Europe. You will nearly always use a three legged shooting stick when antelope hunting in the African bush, so if you are not familiar with their use we recommend that you take a few trips to a shooting range to train in their use, so when the chance of your dream trophy suddenly appears, you can effortlessly set up and shoot from the shooting stick.        

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