Popular Hunting Forms

Antilope Hunts

Hunting for antelopes is in a class of its own, and in comparison with the cost of hunting European game, it is actually a very affordable hunting form, even though it takes place in Africa, with all the exciting experiences that brings with it.  At the same type you can be almost certain of returning home with a really nice selection of trophies and a wealth of great memories. The vast majority of Antilope Hunts take place on hunting farms in either Namibia or South Africa, and these hunts can be tailored to the individual customer’s wishes and needs, both with regard to which game species you wish to hunt, whether your accommodation if suitable for the whole family or not, and whether you wish to stay in luxurious of more simple surroundings. Read more about antilope hunts here.

Big Game Hunts

Big Game Hunts doesn’t just mean hunting big animals, it also means big challenges and experiences. Technically speaking most hunting in Africa is actually Big Game hunting. Even many species of antelope are considered to be true big game animals. But first and foremost it is The Big Five, that spring to mind when one talks about big game hunting. Lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhinocerous, can all still be hunted in Africa, although only very few licenses are issued annually for the latter annually. Unique to West- and Central Africa are hunts for species such as the Bongo, forest buffalo and the Giant Eland which is also a full-blooded big game animal. Hunting for both The Big Four and the big game animals in general can be carried out with an absolutely clear conscious, as well managed hunting means than far mor animals will be saved from poachers, than will lose their lives to trophy. Read more about Big Game hunts here.

Mountain Hunts

Mountain hunts are challenging when measured under any parameter. You will be challenged both physically, mentally and technically. At the same time it is difficult not to fall under the spell of the mountains harsh but magical beauty. It is also up in the mountains that you will find some of the most sought-after trophies in the world, for example Snow Sheep, Blue Sheep, Mountain Goat and perhaps the mighty Markhor or one of the many different sub-species of Ibex; Asiatic, European and Spanish. It is certainly true that many of these trophies are only found in some of the world’s most inaccessible corners and are rather expensive, but it is also certainly possible to try your hand at mountain hunting at a price level that by far the most hunters can afford. Europe can offer a number of different mountain ranges, the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Carpathian and the Tatra Mountains. Here, at a very reasonable cost, you can enjoy good, challenging hunting for, for example Chamois, Mouflon or perhaps for one of the different sub-species of Spanish ibex. Read more about mountain hunts here.

Roebuck Hunts

The Roebuck, and in particular the hunt of this animal, holds a place close to many hunter’s hearts. Hunters in the UK are lucky to have good roebuck hunting, with big trophies at reasonable prices right on there doorstep, but it is still exciting to travel elsewhere in Europe to enjoy hunting in fifferent surroundings and to experience other countries hunting traditions. It must be said that Poland is Europe’s leading destination for roebuck, which offers excellent hunting no matter if our goal is to grass many bucks or a single really big trophy. Like England, Hungary is a country that is well known to dedicated roebuck hunters, and is a destination that has positioned itself as a destination offering big trophies. Recently France and Spain have made a name for themselves as destinations offering good roebuck hunts. The roe deer is found throughout Europe, and in just about every country the roebuck hunts have their own local character.  For many travelling roebuck hunters it is no longer just the number and size of trophies that is important, they are more intersted in shooting a buck is as many countries as possible. This might include Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Scotland, Finland or Romania. Read more about roebuck hunting here.

Driven Hunts

Driven Hunting is probably the most intense hunting and wildlife experience you can imagine. A line of beaters drive the game forward towards a line of waiting guns, making sure that then arrive in front of the hunters. Driven hunts are also one of the most challenging technically, posing a great text of the hunters marksmanship skills. Preparing well on your local shooting range is often the key to a successful driven hunt. Countries such as Poland and Hungary play most to most of the driven hunts in Europe, as over decades they have succeeded in creating a wonderful setting for these hunts, which are carried out here with great professionalism. In recent years countries such as Romania, Croatia, Turkey and Spain, have appeared as good driven hunt destination, and are now giving Poland and Hungary a good run for their money, in the race to become the best driven hunting destination in Europe. Read more about driven hunts here.

Stag Hunts

The dream of hunting for stags sits at the back of nearly all hunter’s minds, and every years more and more hunts make their dreams come true by travelling abroad to hunt for the stag trophy of their dreams. For some stag hunting is synonymous with hunting for the mighty Red Stag - the King of the Forest, while others prefer the beautiful Fallow Buck, or the shy and flighty Sika Stag. But stag hunting means much more than just this, it can include for example Whitetail deer in Finland, Wapiti in the USA or Rusa on Mauritius. There are certainly many possibilities to choose between. As Europeans we are blessed to have the rutting season hunts for the mighty red deer right on our doorstep. This is a hunting adventure that ever hunter MUST experience at least once in their lifetime! Read more about stag hunting here.

Wild Boar Hunts

There is something magical about hunting for Wild Boars, and the Wild Boar is in itself nearly the hunter’s perfect quarry. Wild boars are challenging, they demand respect, and under the optimal conditions can grow to an enormous size. It is possible to hunt for wild boars in many ways: lying in wait, on driven hunts, on the more controlled small driven hunts and even with hunting dogs. No matter which hunting form you choose, you can be certain of being challenged, because a wild boar, especially a big wild boar, will never let itself be beaten without a fight. Over the last couple of decades populations of wild boar have grown dramatically over its entire range, and our opportunities to enjoy hunt for boar have never been better than they are now. Read more about wild boar hunts here.

Pigeon Shooting

If you miss challenging hunting, then pigeon shooting could be just what you are looking for. Here you will enjoy an ample opportunity to take many shots. It is possible to hunt Pigeons all year round in, for example, England and Scotland. While the hunting is absolutely sensational in late summer, many really enjoy hunting in the spring. In the autumn you have many opportunity of combining this hunt with other types of rough shooting, including hunting for pheasants, woodcock and hares. The pigeon shooting in Argentina is world renown. Here you can run into enormous numbers of the so-called "doves", which are similar to wood pigeons. Read more about pigeon shooting here.

Bear Hunts

Hunting bear is a really special experience. It comes as no surprise that to take part in a bear hunt is many hunter’s biggest hunting dream. The excitement involved in hunting bears is, quite simply, found nowhere else. These hunts take place in  destinations such as Canada, Alaska, and Russia as well as a few countries in Europe such as Romania and Croatia. In North America it is possible to hunt both black bears and brown bears (grizzly), while in Europe and Asia one hunts for the European brown bear and the Siberian brown bear respectively. Read more about bear hunting here.

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