Mountain Hunts

Hunting Up Above the Clouds

It is the view of many hunters that mountain hunts are the ultimate expression of hunting. Here you will be challenged at all levels. Physically, mentally, technically. with many long distance shots, and in your understanding of game behaviour. At the same time it is difficult not to be smitten by the magic of the mountains and their wild beauty. Mountaineers often say that they become physically addicted to the mountains, something most mountain hunters wholeheartedly agree with. It is also up in the mountains that you can find many of the most sought after trophies win the world; Marco Polo-Sheep, Dall Sheep/Stone Sheep, Snow Sheep, Blue Sheep, Mountain Goats perhaps the mighty Markhor or one of the many sub species of Ibex; Asiatic, European and Spanish. One thing that most of these species have in common is that they live in some of the most isolated parts of the planet, such as  Kyrgyzstan, Alaska, Canada, Tajikistan or even the Himalaya. Mountain hunting often take the character of a pure expedition, which is in itself an experience you only enjoy a few times in your life.

European Mountain Hunts

However you don’t always need to go to such extremes to enjoy a mountain hunting. Amazing wildlife- and hunting experience also await in the mountains of Europe, such as the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathians, the Tatra mountains  and for that matter, the western part of the Caucasus. A mountain hunt doesn’t demand an expedition, and can be completed in only a few days. Here traditional game species are the focus of mountain hunting, especially the nine sub-species of chamois. Over the last decade mountain hunting for the Spanish sub-species of ibex have increased dramatically in popularity. In addition there are mountain hunting for Barbary Sheep and European mouflon, which can be found in several European destinations, in the Alps in particular you can enjoy real, challenging mountain hunting, with all that entails. Europes mountains also offer mountain hunts for a number of really sought after trophies - particularly the Alpine Ibex in the Alps and the Bezoar Ibex in Turkey. Both are species that most mountain hunters will travel far to find.

Mallorca’s Balearic Wild Goat is a Big Hit

A new ”mountain game species” which has gained notice over recent years is the Balearic Wild Goat, which can only be found in Mallorca in Spain. Here the hunts is in mountainous terrain, but it is also a mountain hunt that can easily be combined with a family holiday, which is why hunts for this species has become so popular. Perhaps you don’t climb up to the heights which you do in the more remote parts of the world, but you can still get a taste of all the challenges which make a mountain hunt such an incredible experience  It is important that before you travel up into the mountains that you are properly prepared. Mountains set some great physical demands, so having a high level of fitness is a must if you are to make the most out of your mountain hunt. The same is true for your marksmanship, as shots are often taken from long range when on a mountain hunt. You must to able to rely on both your own skills, and not least, the equipment you use. You should train yourself until  can calmly and confidently hit your target at a range of up to 300m or more. Horses are often used as means of transport on some of the more large-scale mountain hunts, and if you will be taking part in such a mountain hunt, we warmly recommend you visit your local riding school on a regular basis before departure.

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