Romania offers an exciting range and large populations of game animals


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Hunting i Romania

Bear hunts

Good hunting for bear can be combined with a roebuck hunt during mid September. Otherwise bear hunting is best in the period around the full moon in March/April or September/November. Romania is home to one of the best populations of brown bear in Europe, and the success rate here is high.

Driven Hunts for Wild Boar, with the Possibility of Brown Bear and Wolf

On the lower lying, forest clad slopes, we can arrange driven hunts for wild boar on which it is also possible to shoot bears, and hunters often succeed in adding a bear to the game parade.

Chamois and Red Stag Hunts

Hunting for these two game species, especially the chamois, is physically demanding and the hunter needs to be in good shape. However a formidable wildlife adventure awaits the hunter, and these hunts normally enjoy a high rate of success. Most of the red stags that feature on a game parade over a season weigh between 7 - 9 kg, with a few trophies reaching over 10kg. On a chamois hunt here you have a really good chance of bagging a medal winning trophy.

Roebuck Hunts

We can offer hunting for Carpathian roebuck in incredibly beautiful terrain. Here most of the trophies weigh between 300 - 400g, but we also have flatter districts where you can hunt for trophies that are absolutely in the medal winning class.

Wolf hunts

We can also offer hunting for wolf in the days leading up to the full moon in the months of December - March. Hunting is difficult however and the rate of success is low.

Red Stag

Romania has the reputation of having some of the best red stags in the world. The hunts for these animals is really challenging. There is no sitting around in a high seat and waiting, you have to go deep into the forest and listen for one of the big stags - when you hear one, then you begin the stalk. It is an intense experience in the mountains, with roaring stags and a real physical challenge. Expect a stag of between 7 - 9kg. This hunt can be combined with individual hunts for brown bear and wild boar.


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