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Wild boar hunts have a special magic all of their own, and the wild boar itself is perhaps the hunter’s perfect quarry. It is challenging, demands respect, and can grow to an enormous size. Once you have first pitted yourself against wild boars, you will keep coming back for more.

Wild Boar Hunting in Practice

Typically wild boars are hunted in one of two ways. Either hunting them while they are in motion or lying in wait. Hunting them while in motion can take a number of forms but generally involves a group of beaters driving the boars towards the guns. Seeing a herd of boar charging towards you while standing at your post. will make the heart of any hunter beat much faster, no matter how experience of wild boar hunting they have. Lying in wait for wild boar is a much more stationary discipline, which may well involve spending some hours sitting on a freezing tower waiting for the boar to emerge to feed on the fodder put out for them.The advantage of this form of hunting is that it can give you the chance of outwitting one of the really large boars known as keilers. The bigger and older a wild boar gets, the more cunning they become, and it is surprising how often an old keiler weighing 300 kilo can manage to slip out of a drive during a driven hunt. But at a feeding place, under the cover of darkness, you will have the chance to get the better of one of these huge beasts.

Where to Hunt Wild Boar?

The wild boar has gradually spread over nearly every corner of Europe, so it is possible to go wild boar hunting about anywhere. However there are countries which offer wild boar hunting of a quality that really stands out from all the other destinations, either because of the numbers of animals in their boar populations or the large size of their boars, or in some cases both. The wild boar hunting in Poland and Hungary is in a class of its own, both in terms of their boar populations and their ability to professionally organise hunts where everything runs smoothly, just as it should. Driven hunting in Poland for wild boar is particularly popular. Croatia has also stood out over the last decade for functioning like a well-oiled machine when it come to organising driven hunts for wild boar. The largest wild boars belong to the subspecies known as  “Attila,” which is a type of  European wildboar, which, in addition to the con tries mentioned above, can be found in Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and particularly in Turkey. The latter destination is absolutely the safest choice for wild boar hunting if your goal is to bag an extraordinarily large wild boar. An other strain of  “Attila” is the asian wild boar, which can be hunted in Russia. Attila-boars weighing up to 400 kilo have been shot! Finally there are the  Oceanic wild boar and South-American wild boar, of which the former can found when wild boar hunting in New Zealand and Australia, while the latter can be found in Argentina.

Weapon- and Calibre Choice for Wild Boar Hunts

Wild boars, especially the big keilers, are famous for being very robust. It is therefore traditional to use large calibers whenout wild boar hunting. The 9.3 caliber is often used during both “lying in wait” and “in motion” hunts, and the same is true for magnum calibers such as 338 Win Mag or 300 Win Mag. The most import thing when boar hunting is that your shot should be placed on the boar’s shoulder. A lighter round, correctly placed, will have more killing power than a heavier round that is placed incorrectly. You should therefore always choose a caliber that is no bigger than that you can comfortably shoot with, especially as you may need to make a number of fast follow-up shots. You should also ensure you get the best possible results from your shots by using high quality rounds when hunting wild boar. Many of Europe’s most successful wild boar hunters use standard calibers such as 30-06, .308 Win. and 270 Win. However if you are experienced and used to using heavier calibers, there is absolutely no reason to leave them at home when you go wild boar hunting.

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