Roebuck Hunts

Roebuck Hunting - Our Hunters Preferred Hunt

The roebuck, particularly the hunt for this species, is something that our hunters have always looked upon very favourably, and is more esteemed in some countries than the stag and moose hunts that might be favoured elsewhere. Hunters resident in the UK are very fortunate in having excellent roebuck hunting right on their doorstep. The English countryside provides an almost perfect habit for roe deer. Many good trophies, including good numbers of medal winners, are “grassed” in England every year, making it one of the best destinations in Europe if you are looking for a really handsome trophy. Scotland also offers some great roebuck hunting and again produces some excellent trophies. However with the advent of easy, low cost air travel, hunters can enjoy hunting for this fascinating game species in many different countries and in so doing experience a range of different habitats and hunting traditions.  Amongst our travlling hunters Poland, which is without comparison the leading destination for roebuck hunting, it is possible to enjoy roebuck hunting at a very moderate cost, while being nearly certain of returning home with a trophy. The size and number of trophies will of course depend on what the hunter is willing to pay for, but with the help of Poland’s highly professional hunting organisation, it is almost always possibly to deliver exactly what the hunter is looking for, you must simply discuss your roebuck hunting wishes with your hunting-travel agency in advance.

A Wide Choice of European Roebuck Hunts

For those hunters looking for a really good trophy Hungary is another roebuck hunting destination that is really worth considering. As is also the case with England, the hunting in Hungary is often a little more expensive than in Poland, the but on the other hand the average size of the trophies in these two countries are generally larger. In recent years quite a number of other countries have made an appearance in the world of roebuck hunting. Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Finland and Romania have have all emerged as exciting alternatives to Poland as a destination for roebuck hunters. A country which, when it come to hunting roebuck, that has really made its presence felt over the last few years is France. Hunting in France has always stood a little in the shadow of the country’s other forms of tourism, but now it is really beginning to blossom. In particular, roebuck hunting in the South of France have produced some really good trophies over recent years. Then on top of this, it is easily possible to combine your roebuck hunting amongst the sunflower and lavender fields of the South of France, with a classic French sunshine holiday with the rest of your family.

Roebuck Hunting during the Rutting-Season

An important variant of roebuck hunt is hunting during the deer’s rutting season, when it is possible to lure the bucks close to where you are lying in wait with a device known as a  roebuck-call. For many roebuck hunters this is the very essence of roebuck hunting. Although the large majority of roebucks are “grassed” early in the season, which opens in May in most European countries, it could be said that the beginning of the rut toward the end of July, is the beginning of “Round Two”. This is the time for the really “red” summer bucks, which are  now strongly coloured, especially when compared to their appearance in May when most bucks coats are still in their transitional phase. During a few special days during the rut, it is possible to use a roebuck call to bring the bucks up close. To see a buck react to the call is a fantastic experience. Suddenly a buck will apper out of nowhere, making a great show and running straight towards you, in the belief you are a rival roebuck that is trying to invade its territory. It is not always that you will bag a really good trophy during such a hunt, but you can always be lucky. What you can be sure of is of enjoying some really exciting roebuck hunting, where all your senses will be challenged to the upmost.

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