Hunting in Turkey has it all, sought after game species, wonderful scenery and great accommodation


  • Outstanding Bezoar Ibex and Wild Boars
  • Very friendly people
  • Comfortable Temperature
  • Great Mountain Landscapes

Hunting in Turkey

Over the last few years interest in our hunts in Turkey has increased dramatically. First and foremost it is one of the few places that allow hunting for on the bezoar ibex, but it also offers exciting individual hunts for the huge Turkish wild boars that many hunters find very attractive, and nearly everybody returns home with a massive trophy in their baggage.

Home of the World's Biggest Ibex

Turkey is known amongst hunters as the home of the worlds biggest ibex - the bezoar ibex. It one of the few places in the world where hunters are permitted to hunt this desired ibex. The bezoar ibex lives in the Turkish mountains and is known for its long beautiful back-curved horns. These horns have been known to grow up to 135 centimeters (53 in) in length, making it a much desired trophy for any hunter. Hunting season for bezoar ibex starts in October and ends in April.

Perfect for Wild Boar Hunting

The wild boar has traditionally never been hunted in Turkey, as it has in Europe. As a result, the wild boars have thrived, and Turkey therefore offers some of the best hunting reserves for wild boar. Turkey has its own subspecies of the wild boar, and it is considerably larger than its cousins in Europe. A wild Turkish boar can weigh more than 300 kg (661 pounds), and a few years ago a boar weighing 395 kg (870 pounds) was killed in one of our hunting reserves. That’s bigger than an average pony. The season for driven hunts on wild boar starts in October and ends in February. We offer individual hunting year-round, but we recommend hunting when nearing a full moon.

Friendly Locals and Great Hotels

Turkey is also a very popular tourist destination and with good reason. The destination has great hotels, friendly locals and houses an exciting culture. All this makes Turkey a great trip for the hunter, who is also looking for a family vacation.

Mild Weather and Beautiful Nature

Turkey borders Europe and Asia, and is known for its beautiful green forests, the surrounding azure blue sea and its warm summers. The weather in Turkey is seasonal and depends on location, but generally offers warm dry summers and mild winters.


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