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Hunting in Africa

Big Game - is for many the very essence of hunting in Africa. Big Game does not just mean big animals, but big challenges and experiences. Technically speaking by far the most hunting in Africa is actually Big Game Hunting. Even many species of antilope are actually classed as big game. However if is first and foremost The Big Five, that one thinks about when the conversation turns to big game hunting. Lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros have been the great attraction for Big Game hunters travelling to Africa on safari for centuries, and they still are. While it is true that hunting for rhino is perhaps not once what it once was, as today this species is highly protected and surrounded by a great deal of security, the remaining species can still be hunted in the wild African bush - with all the wonderful experiences that this brings with it. Generally speaking it is only in the areas where hunting outfitters operate that the increasing levels of poaching have been brought under control, which elsewhere have grown alarmingly, especially with regard to elephants, over recent years. This is just one of the reasons why it is actually Big Game-Hunting, that is now the best tool for conserving Africa’s large mammals in their natural habitat in the wild. As just about no hunting for rhinoceros is carried out anymore, hunters now talk about the The Big Four. Hunting for The Big Four can be done with a completely clear conscience, as the hunt will help to save far more animals from poaching than will be actually taken during hunting. Classical and well-functioning Big Four-destinations are Zimbabwe, ZambiaMozambique and Tanzania.

Big Game - Antelopes and Rhinoceros

Actually an animal does not need to be either absolutely huge or dangerous to be classified as ”Big Game”. Even some of the most hunted and shot antelope species such as kudu, Waterbuck, Oryx, Eland, Wildebeest etc. are placed in the “Big Game” category. In particular the Eland, which can achieve a body weight of over 1000 kg, surpassing even the buffalo, can be regarded as a full-blooded big game animal. Hunting for antelopes typically takes place on hunting farms, where you can relax and enjoy life during the afternoons, when you are not out hunting. Hunters are free to choose whether they would like luxurious or more simple conditions during these hunts, but hunting farms are the perfect solution is a number of hunters are travelling together, or a hunter is travelling with his family. No less than 18,500 visiting hunters stay annually on hunting farms in South Africa alone, which says quite a lot about the popularity of these hunting farms. Together with Namibia, South Africa accounts for over 90% of the big game hunting farms on the African continent. It is also in Namibia and South Africa that a very limited number of rhinoceros are made available for hunters each year.  

The Exclusive Trophies

One category of African Big Game animals, which are perhaps not so well know are the highly exclusive species such as Bongo, Forest Elephant, Forest Buffalo, Giant Eland, Mountain Nyala etc. One thing they all have in common is that they live in very remote areas, and it takes a great deal of effort to get your trophy. Often it will take a number of tours before the hunt finally meets with success and when you finally do achieve your goal you will have a trophy that you can be very proud to display amongst your collection. These exclusive trophies are often found in countries that are not normally associated with Big Game hunting: Ethiopia, Uganda, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and so forth.

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