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If you wish to learn more about our advertising offers, contact us by e-mail at or phone (+45) 62 20 25 40.

Who are we?

Limpopo Travel A/S and Diana Hunting tours is currently the market leader in providing hunting tours for the scandinavian market. The travel agency has existed for more than 40 years and is today the largest hunting agency in Europe. Read more about Limpopo Travel

Who are our costumers?

According to our recent e-mail survey our customers of 95% males with an average age of 49 years. Our clients mainly consists of deep-pocketed consumers who on average spends around 3000€ a year on hunting travels. Furthermore around 11% of these spend more than 6700€ on hunting tours!

What can we offer your company?

If your company offers products that are relevant to our customers, we can offer advertising space directed at some of Europes most deep-pocketed hunters. We offer direct advertisement to the hunters through either our annual catalogue, our webpage or our newsletter.


We have on all of our media a direct contact to our target-audience, and can at the same time offer a very competetive price for advertising. Advertising your product through us is therefore a great opportunity for your company to target your ads directly towards the hunters. See our advertising prices here


Our webpage - - recieves more than 3500 unique visitors every month and is in steady growth due to our increased attention to the international market. Our webpage is an excellent tool for advertising and you may change your banner every so often you like. Since banner space is limited, every space is sold according to a "first come, first serve" principle.

We offer banner space on our webpage. The required size is 158x50 pixels and we accept the formats .JPG and.GIF (we allow gif animations). Our page comes in several different languages with different numbers of visitors and therefore prices. You can see the number of visitors along with the annual prices for advertising below:

Banner ads:

  • Banner ad on the Danish site (Around 16500 visitors each month), 1 year of advertisement
  • Banner ad on the English site (Around 3500 visitors each month), 1 year of advertisement
  • Banner ad on the German site (Around 2500 visitors each month), 1 year of advertisement
  • Banner ad on the Swedish site (Around 2500 visitors each month), 1 year of advertisement
  • Offer: 1 year of advertising on all languages


Every other week we send out our popular newsletter with great offers on hunting tours to a large base of our customers. The newsletter is distributed in both danish, swedish, german and english versions. The danish version is recieved by around 7.500 active subscribers, while the other versions are recieved by a total of 10.000 subscribers. All of our subscribers have themselves asked to recieve the newsletter, and each mail is opened by a little more than 60% of our total subscribers. Each mail has room for at most two banners.

Banner Ads:

  • Banner ad in the Danish newsletter (7,500 number of recipients and almost 4,000 openings every two weeks)
  • Banner Advertisement in the Swedish newsletter (5,000 number of recipients and about 3,500 openings every two weeks)
  • Banner ad in the English newsletter (1,500 number of recipients and about 500 openings every two weeks)
  • Banner ad in the German newsletter (3,500 number of recipients and about 1,500 openings every two weeks)
  • Advertisement in all language versions - overall price

A banner ad in the danish newsletter costs 270€ ex. vat. Bannersize: 600 x 200 pixels (width x height). We only publish banners that are relevant to our customers and we reserve the right to reject a banner if we do not find it sufficiently relevant to our clients.

Stand-by offer:

If you purchase 7 banner ads in our furture newsletters, we can offer a substantial discount, if you allow us to decide when to include it in our newsletter. We guarantee that the banner will be shown the agreed upon times during the course of 6 months. If you can agree to these terms, we can offer 7 banner ads to the total sum of 1350€.

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