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Pigeon, Wood

Scientific Name: Columba palumbus

Subspecies: 6 subspecies are recognised: European wood pigeon (C. palumbus palumbus), Azores wood pigeon (C. palumbus azorica), Asian wood pigeon (C. palumbus casiotis), North African wood pigeon (C. palumbus excelsa), Iranian wood pigeon (C. palumbus iranica), Maderian wood pigeon (C. palumbus maderensis)

Distribution: Abundant all year round in western Europe, more common as a summer visitor in the East. Also found in North Africa, and western Asia

Habitat: Forests and woods, fields and hedges, gardens and heathland.

Description: Largest of the pigeons, identified by white neck fish and broad white wing bar. Generally grey above, pinkish below. In flight wingtips can be seen to be black, and the tail grey with black terminal band.

Hunting method: Shooting over decoys, walking up.

Hunting available in: England, France, Hungary, Scotland

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