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Buffalo, Cape

Scientific Name: Syncerus caffer

Subspecies: Dwarf Forest Buffalo (Cyncerus c. Nanus), (Cyncerus c. Aequinoctialis)

Distribution: Is the one of the 3 species with the northernmost distribution: From Senegal in the West across a broad belt to Sudan in the East. The range of the Dwarf Forest Buffalo is restricted to dense rainforest in West Africa, from Gambia to Congo and North Angola. The range of the African Buffalo is from Ethiopia and Somalia in the North to South Africa, in a broad belt along the East African coast.

Habitat: Depending on the species the buffalo is found in either dense rainforest, swamps, dense bush or on open savannah.

Description: Cyncerus c. Caffer is the largest of the three buffalos with a shoulderheight of up to 150 cm and a bodyweight of around 900 kg. The adult is greyish black, and the skin is almost hairless. Cyncerus c. nanus is the smallest of the three buffalos with a shoulderheight of around 100 cm and a bodyweight of around 250-300 kg. The colour is chestnut. The African Buffalo is renowned for being the most aggressive buffalo of the three. Cyncerus c. aeguinoctialis looks for the largest part like the African Buffalo, but is in size somewhere between the two other buffalos.

Hunting method: Pursch with trackers. Early morning you look for fresh tracks, which are later followed by the use of trackers.

Hunting available in: All African countries with trophy hunting.

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