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Brown Bear/Grizzly (North America)

Scientific Name: Ursus arctos

Subspecies: 1. Alaskan Brown Bear or Kodiak Bear (Ursus a. middendorffi): Coastal areas of southern Alaska. 2. Grizzly Bear (Ursus a. horribilis): Alaska (the central part), north and west Canada, in the USA from Montana over Idaho and Wyoming to Colorado, and south to Sonora, Mexico.

Habitat: 1 Alaskan Brown Bear: Coastal areas and islands close to the main land. Forests and open land in the vicinity of the sea. 2. Grizzly Bear: High mountains in the west and tundra in the north.

Description: 1. Alaskan Brown Bear: Weighs up to 800 kg., and measures around 1,50 m. over the shoulder, height 2,80 m. When standing erect on its hind feet almost 3 meters. Markedly stooping shoulders, heavy build, short rounded ears, absence of visible tail, shorter claws than Grizzly Bear.Coat pale fawn to dark brown, often with silvery tips to the hairs. 2. Grizzly Bear: Weighs up to 400 kg., and measures around 1,10 m over the shoulder, when standing up straight almost 2,20 meters. Coat pale fawn over dark brown to almost black. Often with "silvertipped" hairs. The claws are large and broad, especially on the front feet.

Hunting method: Stalking, lying in wait near bait.

Hunting available in: Almost all areas of distribution.

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