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White Rhinoceros

Scientific Name: Ceratotherium Simum

Subspecies: Ceratotherium s. cottoni.

Distribution: South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe (------). Due to civilwar in southern Sudan it is difficult to judge how many White Rhinos are actually left in the area. The most negative report say that it is now totally extinct in Sudan. Others are of the opinion that some individuals may have escaped into Uganda. In South Africa the Rhino has been close to extinction, but the population has now increased for several years and is there no longer threatened by extinction. The increase is due to sensible wild-life management. Since 1700 the Rhino has been mercilessly hunted because of its horn. In Yemen it is as a sign of man-hood to have a dagger with a handle made from the horn of a Rhino. Such a dagger is carried by many rich men. In the Far East, the horn of a Rhino is used as an aphrodisiac.

Habitat: Grassland and open savannas with scrub.

Description: Next to the Elephant and the Hippo, the largest land mammal. It has a compact body and short stout legs, reaching a weight of 2,5 tonnes, measuring 1,5 - 1,7 meters over the shoulder. The White Rhino has two horns of which the front one is the largest.

Hunting method: Pursch or tracking with trackers.

Hunting available in: South Africa and Zimbabwe (in limited numbers)

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