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Bongo, Western

Scientific Name: Tragelaphus eurycerus

Subspecies: Eastern Bongo (Tragelaphus e isaaci)

Distribution: Western Bongo: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Congo (Brassaville), Congo, Cameroun and CAR. Eastern Bongo: Kenya

Habitat: Dense rainforest. Often in the vicinity of water. If there happen to be saltlick in the area they are often found near by.

Description: Large and heavy anthelope with relatively short legs. The Bongo weighs upto 400 kg and measures 130 cm at the shoulder. General colour bright chestnut red with 12 - 14 transverse, narrow but well defined white stripes. The horns are large and very massive, smooth and forming an open spiral , they are black with a ivory tip. The Bongo is very shy, and known to move territory if it is hunted. Together with The Mountain Nyala, The Bongo is considered the finest African Trophy.

Hunting method: Pursch and lying in wait next to water or saltlick.

Hunting available in: Cameroun, CAR and Benin.

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