Driven Hunting in Poland

The sound of yapping dogs approaches, the beaters enthusiastic cries tell you that a group of boars is approaching the line of guns. You can hear the rustle of dry leaves, and feel your pulse throb in your temple. Here they come!…

Driven hunts gets into your blood - and for many hunters Poland is permanently linked to their annual hunt on their regular district, where they are coming year after year. That the number of regular customers is as high as it is,  is simply due to the quality of  these hunts on our many State-owned districts.

We have access to a wide range of the very best State Forest Districts in western Poland, of which the vast majority offer top quality driven hunting. These State Forest Districts all have well trained, experienced and very responsible hunting personnel, who all have a job connected to the district.

The hunt starts with a briefing around dawn, where the head gamekeeper tells about how the hunt will progress, and inform you about the safety procedures during the hunt. Normally our driven hunting packages take place over 3-4 days and include 3 days of hunting. Typically between 12-14 guns are needed to sufficiently cover the drives. Between 8 - 10 drives are carried out every day, from early in the morning to late in the afternoon. The areas driven are selected in advance, taking into account game movements in the district.

For many hunters driven hunts are the ultimate form of rifle hunting. Moving game, adrenaline pumping in your veins, difficult shots and plenty of game on parade afterwards. A lot happens during a good driven hunt!

Many groups book their hunts together year after year, but we also arrange driven hunts which are open to bookings from smaller groups and individuals. You can choose to hunt on a fixed-price package or following the pricelist, just as you wish - we can offer an action packed experience to everyone!

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