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Wild Boar (Asia)

Scientific Name: Sus scrofa

Subspecies/Distribution: A total of 17 subspecies have been described, eleven of which occur in this region: 1. Sus s. attila: Caucasus, northern Iran, northern Turkey and Turkmeniya. 2. Sus s. lybicus: Southern Turkey to Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. 3. Sus s. nigripes: Central Russia to Afghanistan and southern Iran, Kazackstan, eastern Tienshan and western Mongolia. 4. Sus s. sibiricus: Baikal- and Transbaikal region, northern and northeastern Mongolia. 5. Sus s. ussuricus: The Amur-Ussuri region, northern Korea and Manchuria. 6. Sus s. coreanus: Korea. 7. Sus s. leucomystax: The Japanese Islands. 8. Sus. s. moupinensis: Central and northern China. 9. Sus. chirodontus: Western, southern and eastern China. 10. Sus s. taiwanus: Taiwan. 11. Sus. s. riukianus: Ryukyu Islands (Japan).

Habitat: Thick bush or dense forest with good cover, areas with reed, often near farmland.

Description: Large pig with a compact body and relatively short legs. It weighs up to 350 kg and measures up to 1,20 m. It reaches a total body length of 1,80 m, without tail (30 cm). General colour blackish brown with some silvery parts. The bristles are split at their ends. The young are brown with whitish stripes and later darkish grey to reddish brown. The tusks of the boar are the trophy and they have lifelong growth.

Hunting method: Lying in wait on farmland, driven hunts with dogs, on horseback (Pakistan).

Hunting available in: Almost all areas of distribution.

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