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Duiker, Blue

Scientific Name: Cephalophus monticola

Subspecies: Up to 18 subspecies of the Blue Duiker are recognised.

Distribution: Cameroun, Gabon, Congo (Brazz.), Congo (Zaire), Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Habitat: Densely wooded country. Often along rivers.

Description: Small antelope weighing 8 - 10 kg with a shoulder height of 30 - 40 cm. General colour varying from slaty grey to dark brown, darker on the back with a bluish gloss. Has the characteristic crest of hair between the horns.

Hunting method: Normally lying in wait and pursch, but can be attracted within shooting range by imitating the distress calls of smaller animals. Another method, frequently used by professional hunters in Zambia is to rake the area around a smaller area of thickets. If the marks on the soil show that a Duiker has entered but not left the thicket, it is attempted to drive it out to the hunter waiting outside. Often ordinary hail for hunting are used for the smallest Duikers.

Hunting available in: Cameroun, Zambia, Mozambiquw, CAR, Tanzania and South Africa.

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