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Hunt in the Rainforest of Cameroon

Our partner has more than 1,000,000 hectares of wilderness spread over a total of nine concessions. We can offer hunting safaris of high quality and two different types of hunting; hunting in tropical rainforest and subtropical savannas.


  • 1.000.000 hectares of wilderness
  • Hunting safaris of a very high standard
  • The beautiful orange and white striped bongo antelope
  • The wealth of game species found here deservedly attracts attention from international big game hunters

15 days from €42,495

In the rain-forest the goal for most hunters is the beautiful bongo antelope with it’s fabulous orange and white striped coat. However forest elephants, sitatunga, forest buffalo, giant forest hogs and a wide range of exotic duikers can all be hunted here, species that have recently been drawing a lot of attention from international big game hunters.


In the rain forest Mayo Oldiri has 4 concessions covering an area of 600.000 ha. The concessions, Boumba, Lognia, Dja and Ndama are situated between 3 national parks, Boumba Bek, Lokomo and Dja, fairly close to the borders with the Central African Republic and the Congo. Even though it is, in principle, possible to drive here from the capital city Douala along gravel roads (2 days), the only practical way of reaching the hunting area is by chartering an aircraft. Our partner has a charter to the rain forest twice a month and it will therefore be possible to share the charter with other hunters and thereby save quite some costs.

The hunting methods here are somewhat different to those on the savannah. The most sought after game species in the rainforest is the extremely shy Bongo. After heavy rain showers the Bongo moves out into slightly more open terrain, often crossing a forest track that the local lumber companies have laid down in the area. It is also possible to find fresh tracks at the many different salt licks. Once you find a fresh, promising track, the pygmy trackers begin their amazing work: following the animals track through the dense, dense rainforest. The hunters and dogs follow the pygmies, and it is only when the dogs can see the bongo that they are set loose to corner the animal, until the hunter can come close enough to take his shot.

Forest elephant is hunted in the same way, but without the use of dogs. Other game, such as Sitatunga and Giant Forest Hog are hunted from openings in the rain forest, so-called “jungle savannahs”, and finally duikers are hunted after “calling them up”.

The hunting season in the rainforest is from mid March until the end of July.


The price includes

  • 16 days safari with 14 days of hunting
  • 1:1 Professional hunter with trackers and porters;
  • Full board and soft drinks while in camp: beer and wine in reasonable quantities with meals;
  • Laundry service
  • Hunting license for big game
  • All transport during the hunt
  • Transfer Garoua - camp
  • Hunting licensee

The price does not include

  • Observers for 200 € per day.
  • Big hunting licence: 2.100 €. Small hunting licence: € 1.000 
  • Trophy fees on animals taken or wounded (*).
  • Pre-taxidermy, packing & wrapping, transport until Douala, storage until the shipping agent takes care of the trophies: € 1.500
  • Intercontinental flights;
  • Charter flights Douala-camp round trip or domestic flights;
  • Personal expenses of any sort: hotel charges before and after the safari, possible use of our satellite telephones, possible extra trips; for picking up delayed luggage/rifles;
  • Gratuity for staff & PH;
  • Any kind of insurance.
  • Arrangement fee € 250
  • EU-public liability insurance € 10,00.-

Exchange Rate

The price show for this tour is for guidance only as fluctuations in the exchange rate may need to be taken into account. The actual price of the tour will be agreed later.

Trophy Price List (EURO)

Big hunting licence allows for taking of two different species from group A and four from group B or C.

Small hunting licence allows for all species from group C (none from A and B)

It is illegal to double the same species, irrespective of the licence taken.

Trophy fees in EUR in the Rain Forest

Group A
Elephant 11.000 (No import into EU)
Bongo 6.500
Forest sitatunga 4.500
Forest buffalo 3.900

Group B
Bushpig 1100
Giant Forest Hog 1.650
Peter's duiker 650
Group C

Ogilby's Duiker 650
Bates pygmæ antilope 650
Duiker, black fronted 650
Duiker, blue 650
Duiker, Gabon 650
Duiker, Bay's 650
Python 650   Need extra preparation and this will be charged Eur 550,-

In addition to the trophy fees, there is a surcharge of 10% for poaching and development of the local communities.

Dipping, packing, transport of trophies to Douala, and storage of trophies until shipment costs € 975 for a hunt with a Big game license and for

a hunt with a medium and big game license € 1,250,-.

Full skin for animals in Group A + Python Eur 100 extra except for Elephant which costs up to EUR 2500 depending on individual wishes.


Erik Pedersen Brinkmann

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 17

Tina Jeppesen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 29

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