In Burkina Faso you hunt for trophy game in the former domain of French big game hunters


  • Exciting Hunting Destination in West Africa
  • Excellent Hunting for the West African Buffalo and Roan
  • Large Game Populations
  • Great Trophy Quality

General Info

The size of the country is 275,000 km2 , and it has a population of around 13 million and has been independent since 1960. The capital city Ouagadougou has around 1 million inhabitants.

Hunting in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a relatively new, but very interesting hunting destination in West Africa, which French hunters in particular have been visiting for decades. Burkina Faso, previously known as Upper Volta, is a former French colony bordering Mali, Niger, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Burkina Faso means “ the country of honest men” and generally it is one of the safest countries in Africa. In the game reserves one  generally finds really good populations of game, and for visiting hunters the most attractive of which are without doubt the West-African savannah buffalo and roan. Lions are also interesting, not because of the size of their manes, but because here it is forbidden to hunt over bait so your quarry has to be tracked. Even though there are good populations of elephant and leopard it is not possible to hunt these two species. Formerly commercial hunting in Burkina Faso primarily attracted French speaking hunters, but now more and more hunters from Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe have opened their eyes to this exciting hunting destination.

It is possible to fly directly to Ouagadougou from either Paris or Brussels.

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Hunting stories


Gene in Burkina Faso

I would like to thank you on behalf of both Mark and myself for the hunt last week. It probably was one of the most challenging in terms of weather and terrain. It was a lot different than what I have experienced on my usual hunts. I do appreciate all you did to make the hunt successful and problem free. Give my regards to Walli and offer him my thanks. I learned more in a week from you 2 than in many years on my own. The Buffalo and Roan were what I had always wanted to hunt and will finish my Game Room heads.

All the best - Gene

Sten Sjögren in Burkina Faso

By | 17 Jun,2024 |

The 260,000 ha hunting districts of Singou and Ouamou lie in the eastern part of Burkina Faso - 350km from the capital city. These hunting districts border two National parks and there are no nearby settlements. It is truly a wild district, consisting of savannah, hills, rivers and bush. It provides the perfect habitat for the game animals that live here.


In addition to the species you can hunt here: western savannah buffalo, western roan, western hartebeest, western job, waterbuck (sing sing), harnessed bushbuck, Nigerian bohor reedbuck, oribi and warthog; you can also find lion, hippo, crocodile, elephant and baboons.

“Everybody in the group - 3 hunters and myself - all agreed that this was an intense experience. This tour was REAL AFRICA from start to finish.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the World, but everybody we met were really positive, kind and friendly. There is very little crime, everybody lives rather primitively in huts built from reeds and mud, which they share with their domestic animals, and all the water they use  needs to be fetched from the well.


The capital city of Ouagadougou bustles with people, domestic animals, cars and above all - mopeds.

Villages only consist of small clusters of houses and a few fences for livestock, but nobody seems to suffer. Visiting hunters need to be prepared for the fact that everything is very simple - including their food and accommodation, but that the hunting is absolutely fantastic.

We arrived at Ouagadougou during the late afternoon. Weapons checks and customs clearances were easily completed with the help of a representative from the hunting outfitters. We then spent our first night on the outskirts of town, before carrying on to the hunting district the next day.


The camp was good, but again simple, and was a 35 minute drive from where we began hunting,  but every day this gave us the chance to experience village life as we drove to the hunting district.

The districts are really wild, and just perfect for hunting. You drive around looking for tracks, especially near waterholes and on the roads, and here we saw many fresh tracks, especially those of buffalo. We saw many individuals of most game species every day. The hunting for buffalo and roan was particularly good - but it is difficult and involves many hours of stalking.

All the hunters on the tour got all the the trophies they had wished for and booked:

3 buffalo
4 roan antelope
3 kob

On a 6 day hunt you can book a package that includes 2 -3 game animals + you can shoot extra game (following the trophy price list) if there is time. If you want to hunt buffalo or roan it is a good idea to hunt 1:1, which is slightly more expensive, but is money well spent! Hunting for oribi is also difficult, but on a 6 day hunt, it should be successful!

It is very hot, so you need to drink plenty of water, which can always be found in the car.

Best wishes

Sten Sjögren”



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