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Mixed bag program (Pigeons, ducks and fishing)

Argentina has for many years been known as the world's leading wing shooting destination. We can offer a combination hunt for ducks, partridges, doves and pigeons, which must be said to be a totally unique and complete hunting experience. We are also offering some amazing fishing on the Parana River. 

Highlights on the Tour

  • Argentina has for many years been known as the world's leading wing shooting destination
  • Possible to combine wingshooting and fishing
  • Amazing duck and pigeon hunting
  • The Parana River offers the world's best freshwater fishing after the "Golden Dorado"

5 days from $6,495

As something quite extraordinary, our partner in Argentina now offers a "Mixed bag program", which combines different hunting experiences with fishing. Here you can hunt the lightning-fast pigeons and ducks, as well as you can fish in the unique Parana river.

When shooting pigeons the only limit is your desire to shoot. At the same time, there are also some excellent opportunities for duck hunting in the large wetlands of the region and along the Parana River.

There is something magical about Argentine duck hunting and their many brightly colored duck species. Typically, the hunt takes place in the morning, where you leave the accommodation early in the morning and head out to the hunting area, where upon arrival your guide quickly constructs a hide and lays out decoys. At dawn, you can begin to hear the ducks' wings beating in the air. Just seeing the sunrise and ducks flying over the decoys is worth the trip! In Argentina, there are quotas on ducks and it is permitted to shoot 20 ducks per hunter/day.

In addition to pigeon and duck hunting, partridge hunts are also offered with pointing dogs. Also here, there is a quota on how many birds you can shoot per day. In this region, the quota is 8 partridges per hunter/day, or max 50 shots)

As an added bonus to the many hunting opportunities, Argentina also offers some fantastic fishing. The Parana River offers the world's best freshwater fishing after the "Golden Dorado", which really offers some entertaining fishing. There is fishing from the bank or from boats along the Parana river and it is possible to fly or spin fish according to taste and preference. If you really want serious action, "Golden Dorado" is a fish that is really up for a good fight.

Typical "Mixed bag program"

Day 1: Arrival at Estancia Cortaderas lodge. Pigeon hunting in the afternoon/evening.
Day 2: Partridge hunting in the morning and fishing in the afternoon/evening.
Day 3: Duck hunting in the morning and pigeon hunting in the afternoon/evening.
Day 4: Classic pigeon hunting for large pigeons (pigeons) with hides and decoys (bag limit of 100 per hunter/day)
Day 5: Partridge hunting in the morning and fishing in the afternoon/evening.
Day 6: Duck hunting and departure from the lodge in the afternoon.

Bag limits:
Partridges: there is a "bag-limit" of 8 partridges per person/day (or max 50 shots)
Ducks: There is a "bag-limit" of 20 ducks per person/day (or max 100 shots)
Large pigeons (Pigeons): there is a "bag-limit" of 100 "pigeons" per person/day
Doves: no restrictions!

Hunting period (high season)
May - August

Rifle hunting (optional)
In addition to the wingshooting, it is also possible to spend a few extra days on a big game hunt with a nearby outfitter - approx. 2½ hours drive north of the lodge Estancia Cortaderas, where the bird hunt takes place. Here you can choose to spend 2-3 days and hunt some of Argentina's iconic big game species. The typical species that are hunted are the Blackbuck antelope, Axis deer, South American water buffalo and wild boar.

The outfitter, which offers big game hunting, has approx. 40,000 ha of mixed hunting areas which mainly consist of large cattle farms. Some of the areas may be partially fenced.


The price includes

  • 5 nights in shared double rooms at Estancia Cortaderas Lodge 
  • 5 mixed hunting & fishing days with doves, ducks, partridges, pigeon and fishing
  • Hunting and Fishing License
  • Gun rental and fishing equipment
  • All transport during the hunt
  • Transfer in/out of airports in Buenos Aires
  • All licenses and fees 

The price does not include

  • Flight tickets (we can be helpful)  
  • Possibly hotel accommodations in Buenos Aires before or after the hunt
  • Bird boy USD 50 per day (To be paid directly in cash)
  • Ammunition/shells / USD 18 per box of 25 shots
  • Massage at the lodge / USD 50 (1 hour massage) 
  • Single room surcharge if requested: USD 200
  • Extra night without hunting, USD 425 per day (for hunters) 
  • Non-hunter, USD 530 per day
  • Tips are not included: House staff and support staff USD 50-60 per day
    (to be paid to the lodge manager before departure)
  • EU liability insurance USD 10,00
  • Everything else not mentioned under "The price includes" 

Joakim Pedersen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

Sten Sjögren

Telephone: 070-830 53 43

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