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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, and with its population of 2.9 million inhabitants the country’s most populous city. Buenos Aires offers a blend of South American and European impressions, and is perhaps most famous for being the birth place of tango. If you enjoy visiting big cities, then Argentina’s capital is an absolute must see. The city offers visitors many exciting experiences and “Los Portenos” , as the people here are know, are ready to share their city with guests from all over the world.

If you are looking to find the soul of tango, you should visit the colourful district of La Boca. This part of the city was originally the point of energy for thousands of Italian immigrants who built their houses from materials salvaged from ships. The most famous street is El Carminito, where you can see houses painted in all the colours of the rainbow. We recommend visiting this part of the city during the weekend as this is when the district is at its most lively with many stalls set up in the street, artist and tango singers, who nostalgically bring the district fantastic history to life. The districts culture is just as colourful as its buildings, giving you a really unique experience

The oldest part of Buenos Aires is San Telmo, which features beautiful architecture from the colonial period, many of which have been recently restored and appear very well preserved. Here the biggest tourist attractions are the small tango dance halls (milongas) and the antique market held on the Plaza Dorrego every Sunday.

Buenos Aires is also famous for its great shopping opportunities. The most exclusive shops are found on Calle Florida, but you need to have deep pockets to shop here. Prices are more reasonable around Calle Lavelle, where you can also find many different shops.

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