PRICE $2,695

Pigeon Hunt in Argentina

For hunters who demand maximal intensity when wing-shooting, there is nothing else on the planet that can beat Argentinean “high-volume” bird hunts

Highlights on the Tour

  • Districts where the sky is literally swarming with birds
  • Thousands of shooting opportunities
  • A really exceptional hunt!
  • For hunters who want maximum intensity wing shooting

4 days from $2,695

If you don’t get your fill of wing-shooting here, then you are totally insatiable! The current record for the highest number of birds shot by a single hunter in one day was set in Argentina: more than an unbelievable 13,000 doves where shot by a sharp-eyed American hunter. This tells you a little about the number of birds....

We represent one of the most exclusive wing-shooting outfitters in Argentina: Hayes & Hayes.

This outfitter can offer a number of different standards of accommodation and food. They truly offer an outstanding product for the true shotgun connoisseur.

We can also arrange high-volume shoots in less exclusive surroundings, where you stay and dine in good local hotels, at a significantly lower price. It is really worth hearing more about what we can offer if your thoughts turn towards world class, action packed wing-shooting!

Hunting stories


Erland on Wing Shooting in Argentina

It is the Best Pigeon Shooting in the World

But my friend just replied “You can’t be so stupid! You simply can not travel all the way to Argentina just to shoot pigeons!". JI tried to explain that there is a lot more to it than just shooting pigeons, but he just shook his head.

I’m Now Standing in a Field of Sunflowers

Behind me is standing Jamie, my bird boy. He is holding one of the Benelli shotguns I have hired, while I shoot with the other. ”Nice shot”exclaims Jamie,as I managed to hit a really big pigeon. ”Just behind” says Jamie, as I miss the next shot. Jamie has worked as a bird boy many times. He has put a sticking plaster on his right thumb to prevent it from getting a blister. His job is to reload the shotguns, then finally to collect the birds shot. ”Would you like a cola?” Asks Jamie.

I am here with two other gentlemen, Göran and Leif. Both are good wing shooters. We arrived in Argentina yesterday. At the lodge we were greeted by the staff with hot towels and a glass of champagne.

I Pass the 800 Mark for Pigeons Shot

I’ve spent a bit of time on photography, so Leif is leading our competition with over 1,000 pigeons today. The local farmers are happy we are shooting the pigeons here. Although we all believe that we have never seen so many pigeons before, my bird boy Jamie is sorry that it has not been a really good day.

But we have enjoyed some fantastic days. At lunch time the staff laid the table under the open sky. We had grilled steaks and good Malbec-wine. After eating we take an hours siesta in our hammocks. When the days shooting is over, we return to the lodge, where we all enjoy a jacuzzi and massage to relive our sore shoulders.

After I return home to Sweden, I send an SMS to Leif. He was really pleased with his tour. On the last day of the trip he shot 2,200 pigeons. He plans to soon book another tour to Argentina for him and Göran. Next time they will also bring their wives with them.

The price includes

  • 4 days stay with full board and all beverages
  • 3 days shooting
  • Transfer to/from the hunting area
  • All transport during the hunt
  • Rental of shotguns (Benellis semi-automatic or Beretta over & under)
  • Transfer between international and domestic Airport in Buenos Aires
  • Argentine hunting license

The price does not include

  • Flight to Argentina
  • Ammunition USD 20 per box of 25 cartridges
  • Bird boys USD 70,- per day (To be paid directly in cash)
  • Tips to staff (Normally around USD 50 per hunter/non-hunter per day) 
  • Surcharge for single room USD 50-100 per day
  • EU liability insurance USD 10,00
  • Every thing not mentioned under "The price includes"

Settlement of used ammunition

Ammunition used on the dove shooting is paid directly to the outfitter on the spot in cash, or by bank transfer after returning home. Alternatively, payment can be made through Diana Hunting Tours after returning home at the final settlement of the trip. When paying through Diana Hunting Tours, an administration fee of 5% of the amount is added.

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