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Scientific Name: Hippopotamus amphibius

Subspecies: None.

Distribution: Almost all African countries south of the Sahara Desert.

Habitat: Streams, lakes and ponds with permanent water bordered by grassland.

Description: Next to the elephant, the largest land mammal. Unmistakable. A huge, fat animal, with short legs, an enormous head with an extremely broad muzzle. It weights around 3,5 tonnes, and measures 1,5 meters over the shoulder. Skin nearly naked and forming folds on neck and sholders. Colour uniform brownish grey. The hippo has an enormous mouth with long tushes strongly curved, the lower ones growing straight forward, and the upper ones downward. These are used in fights with other hippos or as a defence against predators. The Hippo is very aggressive and kills more people every year than any other African mammal.

Hunting method: Pursch. Often taken in water.

Hunting available in: Most African countries with trophy hunting.

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