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Giant Forest Hog

Scientific Name: Hylochoerus meinertshageni

Subspecies: Three recognised, here all described as one.

Distribution: West- and Central African rainforests.

Habitat: Dense forest, often high in the mountains.

Description: A huge pig, reminiscent of a wild boar, heavily built, with an elongated body, relatively long limps, the rump being higher than the shoulder. It weighs around 275 kg and measures 100 cm over the shoulder. Skin blackish-grey to jet black, with bristles standing nearly erect on the back of the head and neck. Large swollen excrescences below the eyes and tushes protruding from the mouth, smaller than those of the Warthog.

Hunting method: Pursch or lying in wait.

Hunting available in: Cameroun, CAR, Ethiopia and Tanzania. (Only very few individuals are taken every year.).

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