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RDLP Wroclaw

The Regional Direction of State Forests in Wrocław –the  Regionalna Dyrekcja Lasów Panstwowych we Wrocławiu, or in everyday speech the  RDLP Wrocław - is our longest standing partner in Poland. We have been sending hunters to the districts managed by RDLP Wroclaw since 1978, when we used one of the districts. Now we use a total of 11 state owned districts, of which we have long term contracts with 6 of the very best. On the rest (= 22) of their total of 33 districts, the hunting is let out to various Polish hunting associations.

In common for all the state-owned districts under RDLP Wrocław, which in 2015 could celebrate it’s 70th anniversary, is good, professionel and stabile game mangement, with each district having it’s own speciality. Some of them stand out because of their fantastic stag hunts, others because of their well organized driven hunts - while some districts can simply do it all. More information given under the individual districts and we will of course be happy to provide more detailed information via telephone or email.

When hunting in a state-owned district accommodation is normally provided in the hunting district itself – and not in a hotel in town. In this way our customers can enjoy a”total experience”. The game is usually taken back to your accommodation so your hunting companions can join the celebrations. In some districts you can lie in bed at night and listen to the red deer stags roar during the September rut.

A hunt on one of the districts under RDLP Wroclaw is clearly a good choice!

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