PRICE €3,370

Black Bear Hunt in Central Alberta

Experience the excitement and challenge of a bear hunt in the Canadian wilderness of Alberta. The hunt is carried out as ”spot and stalk” in a district with a dense population of bears and has a high rate of success – Up to 2 black bears and 1 wolf are included in the price


  • Exciting ”spot and stalk” hunt for black bear
  • Up to 2 black bears per hunter included in the price
  • 6 day adventure in the wilderness of Albertas
  • Experienced and dedicated guides with a thorough knowledge of bear hunting
  • Chance to shoot different colour variants of black bear
  • Low local hunting pressure on black bears

7 days from €3,370

We have recently signed an exciting deal with a new outfitter who can offer a traditional black bear hunt in an area of north/central Alberta in Canada, which is home to a dense population of black bears.

The hunt takes place in North-Central Alberta, in a district where the black bears experience very little local hunting pressure, as the district is a  non-baiting zone and hunting here is exclusively carried out as spot and stalk. Our outfitter has be organising sustainable hunting for black bears in this district for the last 5 years. The district is home to a dense population of bears. Hunting in Northern Alberta, gives you the possibility of finding different colour phases of black bear which are only still found in the north of Canada, including the brown and the more rarely seen blonde colour variations.

The hunting district consists of mixed areas of  forest, large open oil fields, areas of newly cleared forest together with more mountainous areas. To move around in the hunting district you will utilise Argo ATVs, standard ATVs, UTVs, and 4x4 cars, depending on which type of terrain you will be hunting in. You will hunt in the open forest clearances, the large oil fields and along the old forest roads. It is here where the new grass and fresh plant shoots, which are important food sources for the bears during the spring, grow.  The hunt is exclusively carried out as spot and stalk; the hunters and their guides drive around the enormous area in all-terrain vehicles, until they spot the a promising looking bear, this is followed by an intense stalk on foot, as the hunters attempt to get within shooting range of the bear.

This package includes 6 days hunting, from Monday to Saturday.

The outfitter takes care of transport to and from the airport. You will land at Edmonton airport on the Sunday, where the outfitter will arrange for you to be collected and driven to a hotel in his home town of Barrhead where you will spend the night. On the Monday you will be transferred to the hunting camp out in the hunting district.

You should not expect to find any luxuries in the camp, instead simply enjoy it as part of  a real wilderness adventure.

Meals in the hunting camp often consist of sandwiches or simple ready-made dishes that can be boiled or fried over the open fire. At times the meals can seem a little boring - BUT you don’t come here for food and home comforts!

After the hunt ends on the Saturday, the hunters will be driven back to Edmonton, where they will stay at a hotel near the airport, before flying home on the Sunday or Monday.


Day 1:    Arrival in Edmonton airport
             – transfer to a hotel where you will spend the night
Day 2:    Transport to the hunting district and begin hunting
Day 3-6: Hunting
Day 7:    Hunt finished – transport to a hotel close to the airport
Day 8:    Departure for home from Edmonton airport




Hunting Periods:

21st -26th May 2018
28th May – 02nd June 2018

Each hunting period is arranged for 5 -6 hunters, and the guiding is 2:1. Naturally you are welcome to book as a single hunter, or in smaller groups of  2-4 hunters.


Temperatures in May can swing from 0 - 20 degrees celcius. We recommend you bring warm, windproof clothing.

Price per hunter
20. May 2018 - 27. May 2018

The price includes

  • 7 days accommodation and 6 days hunting
  • Including up to 2 black bears per hunter.
  • Hunting 2:1 (two hunters share 1 guide)
  • Hunting licenses for 2 black bears + 1 wolf license
  • Taxes, wildlife charge, fully equipped camp and all food and accommodation during the hunt.
  • Return transport between Edmonton and the hunting district, all transport during the hunt.
  • Field preparation of trophies.
  • Transport of trophies from camp to the closest taxidermist.
  • Overnight hotel accommodation before and after the hunt.

The price does not include

  • Return flights to Edmonton
  • Rifle hire: USD $150 + $60 for ammunition
  • Shipment of trophies back home
  • Taxidermy
  • eTA-application
  • Gratuities and alcoholic drinks
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Everything not listed under “The Price Includes”

NB: All prices are based on rates of exchange with the USD as per 20.10.2017. We reserve the right to regulate prices due to currency fluctuations. In case of fall in the exchange rate, the price is not adjusted. The price of the trip is based 100% on USD.


Joakim Pedersen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

Erik Pedersen Brinkmann

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 17


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