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Wolf (North America)

Scientific Name: Canis lupus

Subspecies: Circumpolar in the northern hemisphere. Worldwide there used to be 6 subspecies, three of which lived in North America, one, however, has become extinct, which leaves us two: 1. Eastern Timberwolf (Canis l. lycaon): Forests in the northern part of the USA and in central Canada. 2. Tundra Wolf (Canis l. tundarum): Tundra and Taiga regions of North America (Alaska, Canada and Greenland).

Habitat: see subspecies.

Description: Reminiscent of a big Alsatian dog, but shallower chest, broader head and thicker neck. The wolf weighs around 90 kg, and measures up to 1 meter over the shoulder, reaching a total body length, without tail, of 1,60 meters. Coat very variable, from almost white in the north over grey to almost black. Eye colour is orange-green.

Hunting method: With bait, with snowshoes, on horseback, stalking (often as a side trophy when hunting other game).

Hunting available in: Canada.

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