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Barbary Sheep

Scientific Name: Ammotragus lervia

Subspecies: A number of geographic subspecies are recognised, but we mention only the two that are huntable at present: Kordofan Barbary Sheep (Ammotragus l. blainei) Sahara Barbary Sheep (Ammotragus l. sahariensis)

Distribution: Kordofan Barbary Sheep: Sudan Sahara Barbary Sheep: Chad.

Habitat: Rocky dry mountains and broken country of the Saharan zone.

Description: The only African Wild Sheep, peculiar in having some relationshup with the goats, recognised by a short upright mane from neck to middle of back, and a well developed fringe of long soft haairs on the throat, chest and forelegs and hanging like an apron in front of the animal. It weighs around 130 kg and measures around 100 cm over the shoulder. General colour uniform warm sandy brown. The horns are very thick, circular in section, curving evenly upwards and backwards in a semi-circle, appearing almost smooth.

Hunting method: Pursch.

Hunting available in: Sudan, Chad, USA and Spain.

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