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Giant Eland

Scientific Name: Taurotragus derbianus gigas

Subspecies: The above mentioned is a supspecies of Taurotragus derbianus derbianus. As Taurotragus d. derbianus is threatened by extinction, we have chosen only to describe gigas that is still hunted in Western and Central Africa.

Distribution: CAR. Chad, Cameroun and Sudan.

Habitat: Woodland (fx. mopane) and forested savannas.

Description: Large antelope with a shoulderheight of up to 180 cm and a weight of 700 - 1000 kg. General colour ruddy fawn or chestnut turning to bluish grey with age. Sides of body marked with about 14 white stripes. Giant Eland has black and white markings on head and neck. The horns are large and massive, diverging from the base and straight, with a close screw-like spiral.

Hunting method: Tracking with trackers

Hunting available in: Cameroun, CAR and Chad.

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