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Hunt on the Savannah in Cameroon

The star ot the savannah in the north is Giant Eland but the hunt for western roan, western savannah buffalo and a number of other species is also excellent


  • The worlds largest antelope, the Giant Eland plus a range of other attractive game species
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Top class trophies and a high succes rate, year after year
  • Our partner has five different hunting concessions on the savannah in the north of the country.

8 days from €9,595

Whichever area you hunt you can expect excellent game populations, comfortable accommodation in traditional African style and food and beverages of a high level. Cameroun has the same appeal for adventurous big game hunters, as King Solomon's mines have for treasure seekers.... Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?


Our partner has control of five different hunting concessions on the savannah in the northern part of  Cameroon, Between the two national parks, Bouba Ndjida and La Benoue, approx. 4 hours drive from Garoua. You fly to Douala, and then with a domestic flight to Garoua. Once a week there is also a direct flight to Garoua from Paris.


The best hunting in the savannah is in the period from January to, and including, April.  We recommend that you hunt in Cameroon during the spring, after the old, high grasses have been burnt off and the new shoots are appearing. As in many other places in the world, this season gives the best opportunities to see the game, which - naturally enough - is very mobile. At this time of year the temperature is around 35º C during the day and 22º C during the night. As the climate is dry, these temperatures are not uncomfortable.

The five hunting concessions, Mayo Oldiri, Mayo Nduell, Mayo Vaimba, Rey Bouba and Djibao cover an area of 420.000 hectares. Compared to the size of the areas the hunting pressure is very small and therefore the trophy quality is of excellent standard. Choice of hunting area depends on your priorities on species. On a 2 week safari you will often hunt in two different areas.

Although there are quite a few small roads in the hunting areas, you must also be prepared to cover fairly long distances on foot. Therefore it is also an advantage to be in a relatively good physical form. The success rate for eland has during the last year been 100% and the same applies for buffalo and roan.


The price includes

  • 15 days with 13 days hunting
  • 1:1 Professional hunter with trackers and porters;
  • Full board and soft drinks while in camp, beer and wine with meals:
  • Laundry service
  • All transport during the hunt

The price does not include

  • Observers at EUR 250 per day
  • Charter Flight/Transfer
  • Big hunting license 2.100 Euro 
  • Trophy fees on animals taken or wounded (*)
  • Shipment costs for trophies to final airport destination: depends on the number /weight of trophies hunted
  • Intercontinental flights.
  • Domestic flights
  • Personal expenses of any sort: hotel charges before and after the safari, possible use of our satellite telephones, possible extra trips for picking up delayed luggage/rifles
  • Gratuities to staff & PH.
  • Insurances of whatever sort
  • Arrangement fee EUR 250.-
  • EU public liability insurance EUR 10,00,-

Trophy Price List (EURO)

Big hunting licence allows taking two different species from group A and four from group B or C

Medium hunting licence allows for six different species from group B or C (none from A)

It’s not legal to double the same species, irrespective of license.

For big safaris (15 days) it is possible to upgrade with an additional medium license in order to hunt six additional animals from groups B or C (without repeating any), by paying an extra of 2.500 Euros (hunting license cost included, but not trophy fees).The Big hunting licence allows for taking two different species from group A and four from group B or C.

It is illegal to double the same species, irrespective of the license taken.

For Big safaris (15 days), it is possible to upgrade with an additional medium licence in order to hunt six additional animals from groups B or C (without repeating any), by paying an extra of 2.500 € (hunting licence cost included, but not the trophy fees!).

Gruppe A Euro
Lord Derby's eland 3.500
Western roan 2.000
Westafr. savannah buffalo 1.800


Gruppe B Euro
Western kob 400
Nigerian reedbuck 450
Western Hartebeest 800
Warthog 400


Gruppe C Euro
Oribi 300
Western bush duiker 300
Duiker, red flanked 375
Baboon 200
Python 875
Civet cat 250


Special category Euro
Harnessed bushbuck 500
Sing-sing waterbuck  900

(*) Anti-poaching and community-development program: in order to support an effective year-round anti-poaching campaign, as well as for advocating the value of wildlife to the villagers adjacent to and within our hunting blocks, a fee of 10% of the above trophy fees will be collected to fund these programs under our direct supervision. We have implemented these programs in all our hunting areas and have found that the results of direct funding for these necessary actions have been extremely beneficial in the overall quality of the hunting experience offered to our clients. These fees are paid at the conclusion of the safari, based on the final trophy fee amounts.

Note: Government fees might be modified (increased) without prior notice. The outfitter cannot be held responsible for any such modification.

Exchange Rate

The price show for this tour is for guidance only as fluctuations in the exchange rate may need to be taken into account. The actual price of the tour will be agreed later.


Erik Pedersen Brinkmann

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 17

Ulla Fregerslev

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 02

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