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Scimitar Oryx/Scimitar-Horned Oryx

Scientific Name: Oryx dammah

Subspecies: None

Distribution: Chad, Niger, Mali and Sudan.

Habitat: Sahel and semi-desert, even desert in Northern Africa.

Description: Large antelope (150-200 kg) with a compact body, very pale coloured with no striking pattern on the body. Neck and chest ruddy brown, body white, washed with russet. Its ears bears a tuft of long black hair.

Hunting method: Almost always hunted from car in Africa, as it is very difficult to pursch.

Hunting available in: Has to this date been huntable in Sudan on special licence, but is unfortunately now almost extinct. Chad reopened the trophy hunting in 1997, and we may hope that it is now possible to hunt the Scmitar-horned Oryx again, in very limited numbers, however. The species may be hunted in several States in America.

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