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Reindeer (Europe)

Scientific Name: Rangifer tandarus

Subspecies: Greenland Reindeer (Rangifer t. groenlandicus)

Distribution: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Iceland and Greenland.

Habitat: Tundra and open fells. Depending on location and season the Reindeer may also be found in woods.

Description: Large deer weighing around 100-200 kg and measuring up to 120 cm over the shoulder. General colour in summer is brown,excepting the neck and a stripe along the flanks that both are greyish white. In winter the coat is greyish brown. The antlers bend slightly forwards in a kind of semi-circle, are highly irregularly and asymetrically branched, the points being only at the top and facing upwards. The antlers are often palmate towards the top.

Hunting method: Stalking or lying in wait.

Hunting available in: Norway, Sweden, Russia, Iceland and Greenland.

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