PRICE €2,600

Reindeer hunting in Nuuk

Exciting summer/fall reindeer hunting in a scenic terrain near Nuuk. Greenland is an adventure for nature enthusiasts and hunters alike. The natural experiences are overwhelming and will be something to remember for the rest of your life.


  • Absolutely fantastic outdoors adventure
  • Exciting hunting in undisturbed districts
  • Great possibility of good trophies
  • Can combine the hunt with rough shooting and fishing

5 days from €2,600

We can now offer an exciting reindeer hunt in a scenic terrain near Greenland's capital, Nuuk. The pursuit of an old, strong reindeer in incredibly beautiful nature is a dream for many hunters.

Timing and Climate:

Summer reindeer hunting takes place from August 1st to October 31st. At the beginning of the season, the reindeer are high up, and hunters should expect to work extra hard to get within shooting range. As the season progresses, the reindeer descend lower, with fewer mosquitoes and flies, allowing them to move closer to the coasts. Temperatures can range from +10ºC at the start of the season to around -10ºC towards the end. Like elsewhere, the weather can be variable with rain, possibly sleet and snow, but there is also often clear sunshine. In the early hunting season, the bucks still have velvet on their antlers, but by mid-September, the trophies are clean and have acquired a fine color. In October, trophy stags may not be taken.


Upon arrival in Nuuk, guests are welcomed at the airport and transferred to a hotel or guesthouse for overnight stay. The next day, they are picked up at the hotel and driven to the boat, which transports hunters to the hunting cabins in the terrain. Accommodations are provided in comfortable cabins with nice bedrooms, a communal lodge, and bathroom facilities.

The concept is that the hunting cabins serve as the base camp, where hunters and staff relax when not on the hunt, while the boat ensures that hunters are transported to new hunting grounds every day. The routine involves waking up, having breakfast, preparing a packed lunch, going on the hunt, returning to the base camp, having dinner, enjoying the evening, and repeating the process the next day.


The journey to Greenland is by plane to Kangerlussuaq, from Kangerlussuaq, there is a further flight to Nuuk (Godthåb) with a domestic flight.


Hunting in Greenland is a unique experience, vastly different from hunting in Denmark and Central Europe, especially distinct from trophy hunting in Africa and other major destinations. It involves wild and largely untouched nature, where the wind, weather, and animals dictate, and we are the guests. In the hunting areas, there is virtually no infrastructure, placing significant demands on safety equipment and signaling devices.

The terrain is rugged, requiring the ability to hike between 10 and 20 km per day at altitudes of up to 1000 meters. Additionally, hunters should be prepared to carry their reindeer down from the mountains again. A large bull can weigh between 75 and 100 kg. Proper hiking boots, suitable hunting attire for various weather conditions, including snow, rain, sleet, and sun, are essential. The weather can be highly variable, necessitating the right clothing to avoid being caught unprepared.

The terrain is very open, requiring hunters to be prepared to shoot at longer distances. Therefore, it is advisable to train at distances of up to 200-250 m, if possible. The minimum allowed caliber for trophy hunting is .243 WIN. While there is no requirement for soft-nosed ammunition, it is recommended.

Travel dates in 2024:

September 11.-15th (1 slot available)
September 16th - 20th (FULLY BOOKED)
September 23rd -27th (4 slots available)
The slots will be filled with 4 hunters per group. Individuals or small groups are welcome to sign up.


The price includes

  • Reception at Nuuk airport
  • Transfers to Nuuk
  • Return boat transfers to the hunting district
  • 3 days hunting for reindeer and small game
  • Accommodation in hunting cabins for 2 nights, including full board
  • All transport during the hunt
  • Greenland hunting license
  • Field preparation and packing of trophies

The price does not include

  • Flights to Kangerlussuaq - Nuuk t/r
  • Accomodation in Nuuk before and after the hunt
  • Trophy fees for reindeers (to be paid after arrival at home)
    Reindeer cow/calf EUR 470
    Reindeer bull regardless of size EUR 670
  • Rental rifle and equipment EUR 70/day (to be paid directly in Greenland)
  • License to small game EUR 140 (only to be paid if you shoot any small game)
  • Drinks
  • Packing and home transportation of the trophies.
  • Gratuities
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • EU-liability insurance € 10,00,-
  • Everything else not mentioned under "the price includes"

Accommodation before and after the hunt:
Hotel Aurora: EUR 220 per night for 2 persons in a double room (paid directly in Greenland).

If you are interested in purchasing travel- or cancellation insurance through Diana Hunting Tours, please contact your travel consultant or our support tea on (+45) 62 20 25 40 or send an email to


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Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 00

Ulla Fregerslev

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 02

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