PRICE €1,795

First Class Red Stag Stalking in Scotland

Fantastic Stalking in Excellent Areas in the Heart of The Scottish Highlands


  • 1st Class Highland Hunt
  • Good Population of Red Deer
  • Professional Hunting Organization
  • Unique Nature Experience
  • Physically Challenging Hunting
  • The real Scottish highland experience
  • High Success Rate

5 days from €1,795

These beautiful Estates is situated in the “heart of the Cairngorm Mountains near to Aviemore in Mid Scotland.  

The hunt

The stalking of a red deer stag in the Scottish highland is both challenging and unforgettable, a truly remarkable experience.

All red deer are completely wild and are located on open moorland and mountainous terrain. The challenge of stalking over various types of terrain to achieve the final goal of having a stag within your sights lures many hunters to the highlands year after year.

A Typical Day

Upon arrival on the estate you will be met by your stalker, usually around 09:00 in the morning. You will be asked to shoot at a target to ensure that you comfortable with your rifle and that the rifle is accurate, targets are positioned usually at a distance of 100 metres.

Upon commencement of the hunt you will be accompanied at all times by an experienced stalker and occasionally a ghille. Your stalker will know where to locate your deer depending on wind direction and prevailing conditions.

When the deer are located the herd will consist of between 10 and 100 red deer, at this point your stalker will select a stag that, in his opinion, is suitable to be culled. At this point you and your stalker begin your final approach, this will usually involve crawling on the ground in order to avoid detection by the stag.

Once you have reached a suitable distance from the group the selected stag will be described to you. When the target is standing correctly a shot can be taken.

After a successful shot has been taken your stag will be collected by either an all terrain vehicle or Highland Pony.

Normally the hunt will be 2:1 meaning that 2 hunters will share 1 stalker. Both of the hunters will follow the stalker and often you stalk together until a herd is seen and hereafter it is the stalker and the hunter who stalks alone the last way. By doing it this way both hunters will participate in each others stalking and experiences.

If you are only 1 hunter you will get your own stalker and hunt 1:1, upon a extra fee.

It will also be possible to combine the hunting with some fishing our tourism based on your wishes.

The price includes

  • 5 day stay at hotel/guesthouse (B&B) with breakfast
  • Hunting 2:1
  • 1 red stag per hunter
  • All licenses and fees

The price does not include

  • Arrangement fee €200,- per hunter
  • Flight to Edinburgh and back
  • Rental car (we can help with this)
  • Surcharge € 135,- per day if hunting 1:1
  • Extra red stag € 1.195,-
  • Scottish firearms license €115,- (if bringing own rifle)
  • Tips, drinks
  • Possible rifle hire £ 30, - per day
  • Preparation of trophy, £40 per trophy
  • Shipment of trophies home
  • Fee for weapons on aircraft (pay in airport)
  • EU-public liability insurance € 5,50.-
  • Travel and Cancellation Insurance
  • Everything not mentioned in the “price includes"

Firearm Certificate

An English Firearm Certificate costs € 115.-. Together with the confirmation of the trip we sent you a questionnaire which we kindly ask you to fill in together with a copy of your European Weapon passport, all pages has to be sent also the blank ones. We need this information no later than 2½ months before departure in order to be able to apply for your Firearm Certificate.

Exchange Rate

The price show for this tour is for guidance only as fluctuations in the exchange rate may need to be taken into account. The actual price of the tour will be agreed later.


Joakim Pedersen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

Lise Haugaard Lentz Thomsen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 13

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