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Partner in Mauritius

Our partner on Mauritius offers the best hunting for Rusa deer on the island. The outfitter we use has, without doubt, the best hunting districts and offers very well organized hunting. The population of game here is very impressive, consisting of very large Rusa deer. He can therefore guarantee that you will shoot a gold medal Rusa stag.

We have not only had great success sending hunters to Mauritius, which we have done since 2010, but hunter’s families who do not themselves hunt, have been very happy with our concept: hunting takes place over 1-2 days, while the rest of the holiday is spent sharing “quality time” with the whole family, relaxing in beautiful surroundings, enjoying the wide range of activities available, and spoiling oneself in a hotel of a very high standard.

Our partner has been offering hunting on Mauritius since 2003, and today they are without doubt the leading hunting outfitters on the island.

The hunting is always carried out with 1:1 guiding and all of the guides speak excellent English, often with a charming French accent.

If you would like guided tours around the island, this can certainly be arranged, and our partners are also very happy to help arrange big game fishing.

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