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Bell Ombre

The hunt takes place in an inland district on the southern part of the island. The 3,800ha district is quite hilly, and the vegetation here consists of forest, open fields and dense bush. From many places in the district you can enjoy wonderful views over the Indian Ocean. In addition to Bell Ombre, the hunt manager also has access to a number of other districts on the island. The hunt takes the form of stalking, and even though the district is surrounded by fences, and has a fantastic population of deer, it is certainly not always easy to stalk in to your selected stag.

As Rusa stags are largely inactive in the early morning, the hunt normally starts during the middle of the day and hunting then continues to sunset.

The Rusa deer, (Cervus timorensis rusa) was introduced to Mauritius from Java by a Dutch governor in 1639.Since then it has really thrived here and has spread over large parts of the island. A fully grown stag can weigh between 140-160 kg. The stags drop their antlers in mid-December, and their new set will finish growing in May. Their rut takes place from mid-July to the end of August, however this species is unusual as another rut takes place in October. But no matter when the hunt takes place in the period from June to December, the success rate is 100%. Because of the excellent population of deer here, the price of our hunting packages include a gold medal stag (Rowland Ward) of up to 34 inches.  If you would like a stag of over 34 inches, then you must state inform us at the time of booking. It is also possible to hunt wild boar or ”brown pig” as this species is called on Mauritius. Although these boars do not achieve anywhere near the size of an European wild boar, a good keiler here will weigh 50-70 kg, they can still produce some rather impressive tusks. Furthermore we can also offer wing shooting for pheasants and partriges, either as beats or with dogs. The hunting guides all speak English, they are very good hunters, and are very service minded. In general the local population on Mauritius are extremely friendly.

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