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Moose (North America)

Scientific Name: Alces alces

Subspecies: Alces a. gigas: Alaska (USA), West-Yukon, northern British Columbia ( Canada). Alces a. americana: Central Ontario, Newfoundland (Canada), Maine (USA). Alces a. shirasi: Southern parts of Alberta (Canada), Idaho, Wyoming and Montana (USA).

Habitat: Open, tundra-like regions in the north, woodland with marshes and lakes further south.

Description: Massive, Roman-nosed deer with large pendulous upper lip and hairy nosepad, the Moose weighs up to 800 kg and measures around 2,30 m over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 3,50 meters. The coat is coarse, greyish-brown, the legs being lighter, greyish-white. The adult male has a beard. The antlers are often palmate with several points.

Hunting method: Stalking, luring with calls during the rut, lying in wait, on horseback.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution.

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