Practical informations for Tanzania

Hunting Season: 1st July - 31st December

By the arrival in Tanzinia, you will be met by a representative from Michel Mantheakis Safaris, who will help you through the customs. Often the entry authorities try to wheedle out some dollars from  the tourists, as a kind of tips. Therefore we recommend you to bring a few 1-dollar notes. All the  documents will be looked through down to the slightest detail. Michel Mantheakis Safaris will assist you with the import of weapons. After your arrival, you will be driven to the charter company.

Camp Equipment
The camps are well equipped with spacious insect proof sleeping tents with private toilet and shower. There are also good beds, wardrobe, shelves and chairs. Furthermore there is a very nice sitting-cum-dining tent with refrigerator and a well-stocked bar with all sorts of drinks and drinking water.

The Hunt
You will be roused before dawn and the hunt will normally last until sunset. Lunch is either taken at the camp or in the field. The car has a well-supplied cool box with food and beverages. Concerning the hunt the game will normally be located from the car or boat, whereupon you will stalk the game.

The trophies will be prepared in the camp, ready for transportation to the taxidermist, who will make them ready for export. The Safari Company will take care of all formalities regarding the export of the trophies. Always make sure that the capes of the individual trophies are also packed.

Hunting Result
Michel Mantheakis Safaris wishes to express that even though they have excellent hunting grounds, have good equipment as well as well-trained professional hunters, trackers, and skinners, factors such as weather, wind, luck, and the skill of the individual hunter will always influence the result.

HUNTING IS HUNTING! It is advisable to be in a reasonable physical condition, and to have done some practice shooting, before leaving.

Visa for Tanzania is required for nearly all EU citizens. If you are not an EU citizen, please check with the nearest Tanzania Consulate or Embassy, whether you need a visa or ask us. All visitors coming to Tanzania must have a passport valid for at least 6 months by the arrival in Tanzania.

Vaccination against tetanus and polio (possible revaccination), hepatitis A and typhoid fever is recommended. Moreover it is recommended to start a preventive treatment against malaria 8 days before departure, continue during the stay and up to 4 weeks after the return. But please consult your own physician well in advance of the trip.

Tanzania Shilling (100 cents). Please bring US dollars in travellers’ cheques. The travellers’ cheques are insured, and you will get a better rate of exchange, than if you wish to change cash. We remind you that the trophy fees have to be paid in Tanzania in US$.

Airport Tax
When leaving Tanzania, all tourists must pay a tax of US$ 20.00.

230 volt. in 24 volt hunting cars.

Even though the camp is well equipped with a first aid kit, we would still recommend that you bring medicine, ordered by your own doctor, as well as: tablets for headache and diarrhoea, elastic bandages, suntan oil, antibiotics, insect spray, talcum powder, eye drops and lip salve with sun factor. A stick or spray to soothe itching after insect bites would be a good idea.

Clothes etc.
We recommend clothes in the colours beige or green, and either made of cotton or similar fabric. It is absolutely not necessary to go out and buy new clothes. When you plan, what you have to bring, please remember that there is daily laundry service in the camps. Camouflage clothing is NOT allowed.

We recommend:

  • 2 pair of long trousers
  • 2 pair of shorts
  • 2 pair of long-sleeved shirts
  • 2 pair of short-sleeved shirts
  • 1 wind jacket (for the cool mornings)
  • 1 woollen sweater (for ansitz and the nights in the camp)
  • 1 pair of light hunting shoes (made of canvas or leather - well-worn)
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes or slippers  (to use in camp)
  • 1 wide brimmed hat

Personal things as:

  • Light pyjamas
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Sun glasses
  • Pocket knife
  • Torch (with extra batteries)

Please also remember that you cannot buy items like batteries or films for your camera in the “Bush” - so bring it all.

We recommend you to bring a medium calibre rifle (7-8 mm f.inst. .30-06) for plains game and smaller cats. For thick-skinned game like buffalo and elephant minimum allowed calibre in Tanzania is .375. Many hunters find that .375 magnum is a very good all-round rifle, both for small and big game. The rifle should be carried in a solid hard case. Please bring your EU weapon passport if you are an EU citizen.

Ammunition and bolt must not be carried in the rifle case, but in your suitcase, which is checked in.

For daily use while in the field, we would suggest that you bring a soft rifle case to protect the rifle.

It is every hunter’s nightmare to run out of ammunition in the middle of the bush. It happens now and again, and therefore we recommend you to bring sufficient.

We recommend that half the heavy calibre ammunition be of the “solid” type for buffalo. It is fine to shoot the first shot with soft, but if any consecutive shots are needed the probability is that the buffalo will be moving away from the hunter in which case a solid will penetrate deeper towards the vitals. So if 40 rounds of heavy calibre are brought 10-20 should be solids. We recommend 60 rounds per hunter.

We recommend that you bring binoculars. 7x or 8x is sufficient, since 10x or more has a tendency to seem out of focus, due to the heat.

Before leaving for Tanzania
Before you are leaving, we kindly ask you to check the following: Check once more that weapon make, calibre and number are identical to what you have given Limpopo Travel earlier. You risk to lose one day of hunting, if there has to be applied for a new weapon import permit!

Arrival formalities
By the arrival in Tanzania you will have to fill out an Arrival form. On this form you shall not mention Limpopo Travel as the organiser, but instead Michel Mantheakis Safaris, P.O. Box 354. Dar Es Salaam. As reason for trip you write : Hunting Safari

We have made a cancellation insurance on your behalf and recommend you to take out a travel insurance.
Please be aware that in case of a cancellation, you will get a voucher.
Please see the attached information regarding insurance.

Trophy Import
If you wish to hunt game, protected by the Washington Convention, you should contact your local  authorities PRIOR to departure regarding any necessary formalities in connection with the import to your own country. The responsibility for these formalities rests solely on the hunter, and we would recommend that you either contact a taxidermist or a shipping agent.

Please notice that the tip level in Tanzania is very high. According to Michel Mantheakis Safaris it is normal to give an amount around US$ 3.000-3.500- per hunter, who stays for 14-16 days.
This amount covers tips for the camp staff, skinners, trackers etc. To that amount comes tip to the professional hunter where an amount around US$ 2.000-3.000 for a 1:1 hunt. The game scout should get about US$ 400 – 500 per hunter.

A stay for 21 days counts for an amount around US$ 4.000 – 5.000 per hunter. This amount covers tips for the camp staff, skinners, trackers etc. To that amount comes tip to the professional hunter where an amount around US$ 3.000-4.000 for a 1:1 hunt. The game scout should get about US$ 500 – 600 per hunter.

A stay for 10 days counts for an amount around US$ 1.000 - 2.000 per hunter. This amount covers tips for the camp staff, skinners, trackers etc. To that amount comes tip to the professional hunter where an amount around US$ 2.000-3.000 for a 1:1 hunt. The game scout should get about US$ 300 per hunter.

Naturally in the end the size of such tip is a personal matter.

All relevant documents and tickets will be forwarded 10-14 days before the beginning of the trip.

Hunting Protocol
When the Safari is over, a protocol must be made and signed by each participant. It is imperative that any complaints be entered into this protocol, since otherwise they cannot be dealt with (please see below) 

From our hunters we are very interested in receiving photos, which possibly can be used in connection with offers and our annual catalogue appearing at the end of the year. We would very much like to receive the photos as soon as possible after your return. If your pictures are used in the catalogue, you will receive € 50,- per photo. The amount will be credited your Limpopo Travel account and may be used on your next trip.

Please note the importance of where the picture is taken, which means that it is best photographing  for example the shot stag in the nature and not in front of a house, a Landrover, a fence etc.

Possible misunderstandings
If, contrary to expectations, any problems should arise during your stay, which you feel unable to solve yourself, please contact us either by fax ++45 62 20 25 42 or by phone - ++45 62 20 25 40, during office hours (Mon-Fri 8.30-17.00). As we have already informed, it is too late to correct any misunderstanding or faults after your return home. Therefore, it is vital that you contact us immediately, if problems arise, in order that we may correct any misunderstanding on the spot. It is only possible for us to react on complaints brought to our attention immediately and entered into the protocol.

Emergency Phone
Limpopo Travel have established an emergency telephone service, whereby our clients can reach us 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - a talk to a competent member of our staff. We would like to stress that this service is intended for emergency calls only, where contact with Limpopo Travel or a next of kin is vital. Please feel free to use this line, when absolutely necessary, but please also avoid any unnecessary calls. ++45 30 26 25 40.

After your Return
We are always happy to hear from you, after you have returned home. It is of great importance for us to know, what happens “out there”. This is the only way we can develop and possibly improve our hunting tours. Therefore - whether you wish to praise or criticise - please let us hear from you!  

We hope that the above information answers some of the many questions, which you will naturally have before the trip. Should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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