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Fallow Buck Hunting in Poland

Deep grunts rip through the silence of the richly coloured autumnal forest. The big, mature fallow buck are fighting a fierce battle to win the favours of the hinds. The excitement in the air feels electric …

The fallow buck hunts usually take place during the rutting season, which normally occurs from mid-October to the start of November. Hunting during the rutting season for the grunting bucks is just as intense and exciting as a red stag hunt, and carried out in the same way, a blend of stalking and lying in wait.

Even though the fallow bucks are quite a bit smaller than red stag, you will not notice the difference! The deep growls and the dramatic fights between the territorial fallow bucks characterise the vivid scenes of the rut.

In  Poland fallow buck hunts take place exclusively in the open countryside - hunting in fenced enclosures is prohibited by Polish hunting legislation. Because of strict, long term game management policies, fallow deer are becoming more and more widespread, and in many places the populations are dense. This helps to make the experience of stalking them on their rutting grounds a really intense experience!

We can offer a wide range of the very best State Forest Districts in western Poland, all of which can deliver top quality fallow buck hunts. These State Forest Districts all have well trained, experienced and  very responsible hunting guides, who each have their own areas in the districts, which they know like the back of their own hands.

The hunt usually takes the form of stalking or lying in wait on one of the towers that have been optimally placed in each district, with regard to the deer’s behavioural patterns during the rut. You will go out hunting twice a day, once in the early morning starting before dawn, and again in the late afternoon/evening during the hours around sunset.

It will always be possible to combine your hunt for fallow buck with hunting for hinds and wild boar, once you have shot your buck.

 We can offer both fixed price and price-list hunts.

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