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South Africa - Makuya

Here at Limpopo Travel we are incredibly proud of our unique contracted partnership with the Makuya Tribe of South Africa. The Makuya Tribe have a large area of land in the northern part of the Krüger Park itself. Here they are usually awarded a hunting quota for a number of species, most importantly, elephant, buffalo, hippopotamus, a wide range of antelope species, together with some warthog.

The Makuya is a large tribe, living in a number of villages all situated outside of the famous Krüger National Park. When the time come to plan the tribes hunting activities, representatives from the Makuya Traditional Councils will visit all the villages to discuss how the hunts will be carries out and to ensure they have the support and back-up of the whole tribe.

The unique, and very positive relationship that Limpopo Travel has now  had with the Makuya Tribe for a number of years, has led to a significant proportion of the money that our hunters pay for trophy fees going directly to the Tribe. This money has allowed them to build schools, dig wells to provide clean water, and carry out many other important projects.

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