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Partner - Wilderness Hunt for Red Stag

We have worked together with this partner for many years and enjoy an excellent relationship with him. He is always ready to deliver the best possible hunting for his guests. The stalker here has a great deal of knowledge about, and enormous of  experience in hunting stags in the highlands.

Our hunters find they really benefit from his expertise and they really enjoy the great service he provides. When you go hunting in the highlands it is vital that you have an experienced stalker with you as this will simply make your hunting experience so much better.

Our stalker in this district sets great store on giving hunters a thorough briefing when they arrive, so they know exactly what will happen over the next few days. Typically you will set out around 9 in the morning and be out hunting for most of the day. Typically the hunting will be 2:1, which means that 2 hunters will share one stalker. In this way you will also both be a part of each others hunting experience.

 It goes without saying that your stalker here will speak English and are also very accommodating. We cannot recommend hunting with our partners here highly enough!

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