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Colin Chrisholm

Colin Chisholm is the owner of Heron Fieldsports. Colin offer the very popular ”on your own” hunts for red stags on Cowal. He also offers hunting for red stags at Crianlarich. Colin has been one of Diana/Limpopo’s partners for many years, having been involved almost since the very beginning. Colin is responsible for our “on your own” self-guided hunts. This involve roebuck hunts during the spring and red stag hunts during the autumn. These self guided hunts are very popular amongst our hunters, and most of the people who choose this form of hunting are hunters who are looking for the ultimate hunting challenge. For us, it is always important to point out that this form of hunting is difficult, and it is not easy to return home with a stag.  However, we have had many hunters who visit here regularly, and from these hunters we can see than they become more successful from year to year.

Colin offers hunting in Crianlarich, which lies north of Glasgow. At Crianlarich the district offers areas of both forest and highlands. Our hunters usually fly to  Glasgow or Edinburgh, where a hire can will be waiting for them. Colin meets up with the hunters on their arrival in the district. He will give out maps of the area and Colin will also give up to the minute information on where the deer are grazing. From this point you will spend 4 ½ days hunting totally on your own premises.

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