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Backcountry BC

The area is owned and operated by Dustin Roe, who has been running it since 2017, where he bought the famous Cassiar concession. Dustin has despite his young age, been a professional freelance guide for over 15 years, specializing in extreme mountain hunts including all 4 species of sheep and goat species, but has also guided for moose, caribou, grizzly, brown bear, elk, bison, whitetail and wolf.

Dustin is born and raised in the East Kootenay region of BC. After guiding for the first time in 2002, he knew he only wanted to work in the guiding business and own his own area one day.

At Backcountry BC, the mission is to provide world class hunting adventures which create unforgettable memories and build friendships that last a lifetime. Through these adventures they hope to connect people with the wilderness & the animals that inhabit it, to challenge their abilities and see them succeed, provide exceptional service and promote trophy hunting in a positive and ethical way.


The first season in 2017/2018 went beyond all expectations with the help of Dustin's team. 4 nice stone sheep, 16 moose were killed, of which 5 were over 200 B&C points and the smallest was 52 inches. There was also a 100% success rate on mountain goat and caribou hunts.

Now a few years after, the outfitter have streamlined the logistics and learned most of the area. They are always excited about exploring new uncharted country and put allot of effort into maximizing trophy quality, success and the clients overall experience.

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