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We are Northern Hunting, a Danish hunting clothing brand with a radically different belief. We be­lieve in value for money, without compromising functionality or quality. Together with a perfect fit and challenging design, we make hunting clothes become an experience. We want to be the best, nothing less, that’s why we design everything ourselves here in Denmark. It seems like a lot of synergies between Northern Hunting, Limpopo Travel and Diana Hunting Tours, so why not team up? It seems obvious.

Northern Hunting founded the company back in 2015, on pure passion and a bit of provocation. The hunting clothing industry needed a brand with high value for money. We pursue the highest quality, to a price that is payable, with a fit that is modern, without compromising the functionality. Actually we never compromise.

With over 20 years of experience in designing, producing and testing hunting clothes, we believe that we got the needed reliability. To state this, we provide you 5 years of product warranty. We take the risk, it should not be yours to take! Your satisfaction is of highest priority.

So far it’s working out, but there is still loads of work to be done! We will continue running, and hopefully you will join us in our pursuit of shaping the future hunting clothing business. Together with the hunters of Northern Hunting, we wish you a nice journey with our products.

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